Nicky Ree Catsuit Photo Contest

Nicky Ree Catsuit Photo Contest 2009

I got this info today and thought some of you might be interested in this:

“Designing Nicky Ree Catsuit Photo Contest 2009

Hi Everyone 🙂

I have decided to have a contest to pick the best photo showcasing my catsuit designs by SL residents who have legally bought my catsuits.

You stand a chance to win L$20,000 if you can produce that top notch winning picture showing my Catsuit.

1st price is 20,000L
2nd price is 7,000L

I am looking for good creative lighting and composition, be it dramatic or sexy or both :)… let your imagination and skills show.

My catsuits are available in various colours and you can choose to shoot the pictures in the colour you like or have bought.

The contest starts on 30th December 2008
and ends on 30th Janaury 2009 at 12 pm SLT

Choose 3 of your best high resolution pictures and submit them via my special flickr group called : “Nicky Ree Catsuit Photo Contest 2009”

Title the pictues :
DNR Catsuit Photo Contest 2009 Pic1 – Your Name Here
DNR Catsuit Photo Contest 2009 Pic2 – Your Name Here
DNR Catsuit Photo Contest 2009 Pic3 – Your Name Here

Results will be announce on the 7th of February 2009

For those who want to enter but do not have my original catsuit – I will be selling my Catsuit in Tangy Orange for 1L during the contest period

Good Luck!

best regards
Nicky Ree”

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

Hi everyone!

With the holidays finally here, I think it’s time to send you all my best wishes for a happy, healthy (and maybe sane?) holiday season. Hopefully the coming new year will be better than 2008 for many people. I’ll continue to blog, but I’m also working on some other projects in SL and in RL so we’ll see how I can keep up with it all. Still, I plan to spend the next little while relaxing and enjoying everything I worked for this year.

Take it easy kiddos!

Kungler’s Sim Opening

Kungler's Sim Opening

Flyer by Anessa Stine

Today is the big day for Kungler’s Fashions by AvaGardner and Barbra Kungler! The sim, Fashionate Island, will open to the public with a stunning fashion show presented by the Timeless Agency. The show will start at 1 PM SLT, and an after-party will follow with tunes provided by the talented DJ Lexx. The newest collection will be revealed along with some designs from the previous collections.

Want to join in the fun? Use this limo!

Ice-Skating Queen

Ice-Skating Queen

Last night some friends and I (and friends of friends) decided to do something we hadn’t done in the longest time…go ice skating! The outfit started with the warm sweater dress from Riddle which I hadn’t had a chance to wear yet. I then got my favorite winter accessories on, and they all seemed to be by Bax Coen! A great coincidence because the pieces have small sparkling lights which are color change to match any outfit. I also wore the Bax Coen skates, the sexiest skates on the grid, which work great with the legwarmers – which were my newest purchase since 50% of the sale at the Vanity Universe Winter Expo goes to charity (by the way, all the Bax Coen pieces shown today are also on sale there).

Ice-Skating Queen

A pale skin with fairly neutral makeup completed the look. I am of course wearing my favorite MMS skin line, London!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair/Hat and Gloves: Bax Coen, part of the Winter Wool Snow Set (a scarf is also included)

Skin: MMS, LondonPale-makeup3b

Eyes: MMS, Green Eyes (line is no longer out, but there are similar ones)

Lashes: Celestial Studios, Deviant Size 1

Earrings: OPIUM Everyday, Peridot Twist Earrings

Dress: Riddle, Skully Argyle in Juicy Pink (special event color, others available in store)

Legwarmers: Bax Coen, Wool Legwarmer Snow

Skates: Bax Coen, Bax Ice Skates

Straylight in Silks

Straylight in Silks

Once again I’m wandering around the grid hald-naked, but it’s for a good cause! I was busy taking pictures of the silks on sale at Eternity Silks by Singsong Writer. This set called Golden Star is normally L$ 495 but is on sale for a short time at L$ 100. I think it’s pretty obvious why it’s called Golden Star, each breast is adorned with a big, gold, star. Besides the separate stars for each breast there is also 2 arm bands with silk panels, a flower wrist cuff, a flower thigh bracelet, head jewels which are almost like a crown with silk panels hanging from the back, and then the hip silks. The thong I’m wearing underneath isn’t included.

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New Skin Releases from Adam n Eve

Four new skin lines were recently released onto to grid by Adam n Eve, designed by sachi Vixen. She thoughtfully let me peruse the demos and I picked one from each of the lines to do a sort of comparison.

Tone 1 - Simplicity Tone 2 - Cariad

(Left) Adore: Tone 1 – Simplicity, (Right) Angel: Tone 2 – Cariad

Tone 3 - Pillarbox Tone 2 - Cranberry

(Left) Cherie: Tone 3 – Pillarbox, (Right) Devon: Tone 2 – Cranberry

What I liked about these releases was that each skin type had a different look to it, and suited different hair colors. The Devon line had a great sprinkling of freckles, perfect for redheads. Although the over-all shading was similar on each of the lines, this gives them a distinct look. The shoulder blades show up very strong on the back for all, which may or may not be to your taste, although most of the time my back is covered so it’s not an issue for me. I adore the belly-button and the highlights/shading on the torso, it’s soft and feminine, just the way I like it. I decided to cover up my bits for modesty’s sake, but I think the nipples, yes nipples, are really well done as well. Probably some of the best I’ve seen – not that I’m a nipple expert. Knees, hands and feet are also very nice, there was obviously a lot of work put into these lines.

New Skin Releases from Adam n Eve New Skin Releases from Adam n Eve

Down to the business part of the post. A nifty item in the store is the Valued Client Card, you collect points from every purchase from both sachi and her partner Damen Gorilla, either sachi points or Damen points – and they are not interchangeable. The amount of points you earn depends on much each item costs, and the card is free and comes preloaded with 20 points. That’s a pretty ingenious idea. So by now you might be wondering how much these cost, here is the breakdown: Demos are L$ 1, an individual skin is L$ 1200 (or you can purchase for 120 sachi points, gives you 12 sachi points) and 4-packs of skins are L$ 3000 (or you can purchase for 300 sachi points, gives you 30 sachi points). Remember, you must be wearing your card when you make a purchase for you to earn the points – 1 per L$ 1oo spent. You’ll find the Valued Client Card right on the wall with the new skins.

Special Deals at Seldom Blue

Starlight Lingerie

A familiar store around these parts is Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino. Partially know for it’s generous offers and specials, Seldom Blue offers up a host of styles catering to many tastes. Currently there is a special running in the store on two Winter Starlight lingerie sets with multiple pieces in each going for L$ 20 free! The first is the black version which you could wear any time of year.

Special Deals at Seldom Blue

The second set is a special Xmas colored one. Both sets come with multiple layers for the bra, stocking tops and thong. If you layer the tops then it won’t be so sheer. I find the little red bow details on both sets to be really adorable, but that doesn’t mean a woman couldn’t do some serious damage in these.

The Starlight Lingerie sets are copy/mod/no transfer so if you’d like to send them as a gift to your someone special, I suppose you can contact IndigoBlue in-world and ask her very nicely to organize that for you.

Bare Rose Appreciation Week

Bare Rose Appreciation Week

If you haven’t heard kids, it’s Bare Rose Appreciation Week as deemed by awesome blogger Winter Jefferson. So upon seeing this on Plurk, I decided to haul out my favorite outfit from Bare Rose by June Dion. And so, I donned the lovely Black Mist for the first time on this blog I believe. I remember seeing this outfit on Fashion World of SL (aka the best fashion source) and practically squeeled for it. I love that there are tons of options with this outfit, open shirt or closed shirt, open skirt or closed skirt, with or without prim cuffs and the same for the collar/ascot part. This whole outfit sans shoes or hair was only L$130, which is part of the reason B@R has so many fans, the more than reasonable prices and the wonderful quality of the items produced. I suspect several other people will be doing this “challenge” of sorts so I won’t fangirl much longer, but I think this was an especially good topic and would love to see some more of these in the future.