She’s Got Some Unusual Shoes…

SSUS Shoes

To my surprise I received 5 pairs of shoes from She’s So Unusual Shoes by Rowan Carroll. They are definitely not your average pumps here, each shoe has a touch of whimsy or fantasy to it. I’m not a shoe photographer, that is for sure, but I tried my best with the photos for today. It’s a lot more complicated than it looks to take a good shot, so I urge you not to just rely on my pictures but to go see them in-world for yourself. All the shoes are reasonably priced, many of them going for only L$ 95.  The large picture is of the Lapis Cork Bow Wedges.

ssus_001 ssus_002 ssus_004 She's Got Some Unusual Shoes

The thumbnails from left to right are: Candy Clear Wedges, Gold Black Satin Strap Heels, Leopard Button Strap Pumps and POE Mr Pengy Pumps.


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