Bare Rose Appreciation Week

Bare Rose Appreciation Week

If you haven’t heard kids, it’s Bare Rose Appreciation Week as deemed by awesome blogger Winter Jefferson. So upon seeing this on Plurk, I decided to haul out my favorite outfit from Bare Rose by June Dion. And so, I donned the lovely Black Mist for the first time on this blog I believe. I remember seeing this outfit on Fashion World of SL (aka the best fashion source) and practically squeeled for it. I love that there are tons of options with this outfit, open shirt or closed shirt, open skirt or closed skirt, with or without prim cuffs and the same for the collar/ascot part. This whole outfit sans shoes or hair was only L$130, which is part of the reason B@R has so many fans, the more than reasonable prices and the wonderful quality of the items produced. I suspect several other people will be doing this “challenge” of sorts so I won’t fangirl much longer, but I think this was an especially good topic and would love to see some more of these in the future.


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