Special Deals at Seldom Blue

Starlight Lingerie

A familiar store around these parts is Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino. Partially know for it’s generous offers and specials, Seldom Blue offers up a host of styles catering to many tastes. Currently there is a special running in the store on two Winter Starlight lingerie sets with multiple pieces in each going for L$ 20 free! The first is the black version which you could wear any time of year.

Special Deals at Seldom Blue

The second set is a special Xmas colored one. Both sets come with multiple layers for the bra, stocking tops and thong. If you layer the tops then it won’t be so sheer. I find the little red bow details on both sets to be really adorable, but that doesn’t mean a woman couldn’t do some serious damage in these.

The Starlight Lingerie sets are copy/mod/no transfer so if you’d like to send them as a gift to your someone special, I suppose you can contact IndigoBlue in-world and ask her very nicely to organize that for you.


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