New Skin Releases from Adam n Eve

Four new skin lines were recently released onto to grid by Adam n Eve, designed by sachi Vixen. She thoughtfully let me peruse the demos and I picked one from each of the lines to do a sort of comparison.

Tone 1 - Simplicity Tone 2 - Cariad

(Left) Adore: Tone 1 – Simplicity, (Right) Angel: Tone 2 – Cariad

Tone 3 - Pillarbox Tone 2 - Cranberry

(Left) Cherie: Tone 3 – Pillarbox, (Right) Devon: Tone 2 – Cranberry

What I liked about these releases was that each skin type had a different look to it, and suited different hair colors. The Devon line had a great sprinkling of freckles, perfect for redheads. Although the over-all shading was similar on each of the lines, this gives them a distinct look. The shoulder blades show up very strong on the back for all, which may or may not be to your taste, although most of the time my back is covered so it’s not an issue for me. I adore the belly-button and the highlights/shading on the torso, it’s soft and feminine, just the way I like it. I decided to cover up my bits for modesty’s sake, but I think the nipples, yes nipples, are really well done as well. Probably some of the best I’ve seen – not that I’m a nipple expert. Knees, hands and feet are also very nice, there was obviously a lot of work put into these lines.

New Skin Releases from Adam n Eve New Skin Releases from Adam n Eve

Down to the business part of the post. A nifty item in the store is the Valued Client Card, you collect points from every purchase from both sachi and her partner Damen Gorilla, either sachi points or Damen points – and they are not interchangeable. The amount of points you earn depends on much each item costs, and the card is free and comes preloaded with 20 points. That’s a pretty ingenious idea. So by now you might be wondering how much these cost, here is the breakdown: Demos are L$ 1, an individual skin is L$ 1200 (or you can purchase for 120 sachi points, gives you 12 sachi points) and 4-packs of skins are L$ 3000 (or you can purchase for 300 sachi points, gives you 30 sachi points). Remember, you must be wearing your card when you make a purchase for you to earn the points – 1 per L$ 1oo spent. You’ll find the Valued Client Card right on the wall with the new skins.


3 thoughts on “New Skin Releases from Adam n Eve

  1. Thank you for a fabulous review! They look beautiful on your shape.

    Just a small info correction about the loyalty cards:
    You can buy the skin for 120 sachi points OR right-click Pay L$1200.

    This earns you 12 sachi loyalty points.

    The loyalty points value is 10% so you are getting 10% back in points for each purchase. You can also purchase points in block of 50 for 500L$ and we give you 10% free.

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