Straylight in Silks

Straylight in Silks

Once again I’m wandering around the grid hald-naked, but it’s for a good cause! I was busy taking pictures of the silks on sale at Eternity Silks by Singsong Writer. This set called Golden Star is normally L$ 495 but is on sale for a short time at L$ 100. I think it’s pretty obvious why it’s called Golden Star, each breast is adorned with a big, gold, star. Besides the separate stars for each breast there is also 2 arm bands with silk panels, a flower wrist cuff, a flower thigh bracelet, head jewels which are almost like a crown with silk panels hanging from the back, and then the hip silks. The thong I’m wearing underneath isn’t included.

Straylight in Silks

Also on special for a limited time is this Ruby Daisy Tiara set. Included is a set of gold earrings with ruby centers, and the matching gold and ruby tiara. Right now it is set for sale for L$ 1. It’s pretty and feminine without being gaudy or tacky. And with the holiday season upon us, you can use the earrings for a multitude of occasions. Personally, I always pick up things like this because you just never know when you’ll need a tiara.

Pictures were taken on the Straylight Sim.


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