LionSkins New SU Line

LionSkins is launching their newest line today called SU! The SU line is a follow up to their popular Suzana line, with Lion Jonesford spending months on creating these hand-painted beauties. SU comes in four skin tones, with forty different make-ups and each one has 2 brow options (as you can see below). The make-up ranges from every-day simplicity to outrageous and daring – perfect for any of your needs.

We start off with Sun tone, makeup 38:

su_004 su_003

Next up is Fair tone, makeup 4:

su_006 su_005

And finally Suntan tone, makeup 7:

su_008 su_007

I didn’t forget the body shots (taken with Sun tone, makeup 38):

SU Line LionSkins New SU Line

Some body features that I really love on these skins are the collar-bones, the stomach, and the lower back. The over-all look of the body is soft yet toned, and what some areas popping out more than others. The faces have a realistic quality to them but they don’t over-step that line of fantasy meeting reality.

I think these pictures say enough about the skin without me having to say it myself. Each skin is available for L$ 800, which is a fantastic price for really receiving 2 skins. Oh, and FYI: the B in the skin names are for the darker brows. I guess it’s time for you to grab some demos and try them yourself!


2 thoughts on “LionSkins New SU Line

  1. Thank you so much for the fantastic review. Only one thing, the Suzana Line is onsale for 500 linden – .:[SU]:. is 800 linden

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