Soaring with Gryphon Wings

Soaring with Gryphon Wings

I occasionally have items given to me for review, and today I logged in to find a package from Gryphon Wings by GryphElyse Wingtips. There was an assortment of items, but I felt like keeping it simple today so I settled upon two items the Goddess Halter Top and the Black Silk Pants. I immediately loved this top and it’s simple but not like every other halter or tank top out there, it has personality. The black and white versions of this top are sold separately with various other colors being sold in packs of 3. In all cases, every color somes in short “shirt” layer and a longer “jacket” layer. The black and white versions are L$ 1oo, with the packs of 3 going for L$ 245.

Soaring with Gryphon Wings

The Black Silk Pants are another simple piece but I like how they work together with the top. These are packaged together with a white version and there is both regular and low-rise versions of both. This means you get 4 pairs of pants for L$ 145. As a woman I prefer the low rise but both are unisex really. The store itself sells clothing as well as hair and skins so there is plenty for people to choose from. These items aren’t new releases but I think with more new residents logging in every day we should take a look at both new and established designs, so here is my contribution 🙂


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