Spork With An Edge

Spork With An Edge

Yesterday I posted about the fashion show for Spork by GM Nikolaidis (taking place at 3 PM SLT today – so grab a ride through that post). And today I am showing off a couple items that I adored when I saw them in store. We have here the Victoria top in the silver/red combo and the black Nova Jeans. I guessed that the top and jeans would work well together and by adding some accessories I’m really pleased with how the look turned out.  I’m also wearing the Silver Bangles by Spork on my right arm.

The Nova Jeans come in black only and are L$ 250. There are 2 prim parts per leg that give them that bunched up look that I’m really feeling these days. They have a sort of paisley pattern to them which makes them visually more interesting than a plain black pair would be. The Victoria top comes in 6 color variations, each one is L$ 90. The bodice of the top has a pattern that sort of mimics the pattern on the jeans which is originally why I wanted to pair them together. The Silver Bangles come with options for both arms and are L$ 75. I wear a lot of bangles so I’m consistently buying new ones. There are other bangle styles there that are really cute and I’ll probably pick up later. For you freebie hunters, there’s a bag with 3 items in it, sitting in the entrance area of the store.

I decided that I liked this outfit so much that I’ll probably be wearing it the rest of the day while I zoom around, and maybe I’ll even see you at the show later on!


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