All Buttoned Up

All Buttoned Up

I wasn’t feeling my most creative with the titles today, but this will have to do. A couple of days ago, I got a fashcon notice about the new jackets from Bryce Designs by Bryce Tully. I had known that Bryce designed hair but had no idea that there was clothing involved. So yesterday I ran over to see the new Caily Jacket. It comes in five colors: Pepper (shown above), Cinnamon (second picture), Sage (third picture), Chocolate and Grape.

All Buttoned Up

The jackets are sold as singles for L$ 150 each, or in the greedy pack with all five colors for only L$ 350. With that bargain I knew it would have to be the greedy pack. Each jacket comes on the “shirt” and “jacket” layers, as well the prim cuffs, hood, buttons, and the bottom of the jacket. What’s interesting is that there is two attach points for the bottom prim, either pelvis or spine.

All Buttoned Up

The jackets took me a couple of minutes to fit to my frame but it was a matter of simple positioning and resizing. I really liked the amount of options and ways to wear this jacket, and it makes it more convenient for the fashionista who likes to accessorize. Plus you know I’m sold for anything I know I can mix into some kawaii goodness and I’m thinking I’m going to be able to use these jackets in a whole bunch of looks.


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