A Bit Blue…

A Bit Blue...

I received notice that the ladies over at Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue have opened up their own mall and it is ready for the public! To celebrate this big opening, they have several specially priced items in the stores for the moment. IndigoBlue Dagostino offers up the dress you see above, called Gabriella. It is a halter-style dress with a prim-fishtail, and carpi-style glitch pants. It comes on all layers, which is great to mix and match, and it is currently free!

A Bit Blue...

Her partner, Singsong Writer of Eternity Silks, has a set of 5 silks, called Innocence on sale for L$ 100 for a limited time. In the box you get, black (shown), pink (previously blogged here), gold, red and white. Normally these would be L$ 1499 so that’s a great deal! These are all prim, so the undies I’m wearing are only to cover up for the feeds.

I hear there are bunch of other special offers going on so you’ll want to run over before those ladies change their minds!


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