Rollin’ the Dice

Rollin' the Dice

I’ve been friends with Dice Beattie of Roll The Dice (and also his more avant-garde shop, Beats by Dice Beattie) for some time now…but I don’t think I’ve ever dedicated a post to him. So, with some new items coming into his store shortly, I’ll give you guys a preview of what’s to come.

You’ll notice that in all pictures I’m wearing the Damask Tintable Jeans which are already in the store and cost L$ 120. The print is really unique, and I can dig anything tintable! The first picture features soon to be added, Minimalism Shades and the 1980 Tee. These 2 items are part of the new things to come, so keep your eyes peeled for them – or hop over to the shop and join the Subscribe-o-matic thingy to get updates on what’s going on at both of Dice’s stores.

Rollin' the Dice

The Dirty Deeds Tee is another item that will be added to the store shortly. Dice almost specializes in sayings t-shirts, I have a bunch of them and wear them when I’m just kicking around…Dice’s tees, it’s a good thing. Oh- and all the tees come on at least the shirt and jacket layers, which I find incredibly helpful.

Rollin' the Dice

The final item is the Hipster Sweater and it too is tintable – I love me some tintable! Did I already mention that?  The prices of the new items will totally subject to Dice’s whims, but the current tees in store are L$ 90, and the collection of tie-dye shades (which I have and love) is L$ 120 for 4 pairs. I suspect the new items will be priced in a similar way.

And for those interested, these clothes are meant to be unisex – so guys and gals can get in there and shop (but don’t expect these new items yet, okay?)


One thought on “Rollin’ the Dice

  1. Im not sure i like any of his clothing. I went there and it all seems poorly made, no shading or texturing to the tshirts. I wouldnt spend my L there when there are places that take more time in adding detail to their stuff. The colors he uses are great though- Kudos

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