Latex Lucy

Latex Lucy

I’ve gotten a number of items from Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino. This is the first time I took a look at their new latex outfit called “Latex Lucy” even though there is a special freebie version that I had skimmed across reading some other fashion blogs.  Appropriate for the occasion, I also took a field trip to somewhere new for the photos – The Castle of Dark Desires. Now admittedly, there was a lot to see there, but seeing how I was just there to take a couple of pictures I snapped and then ran home to write this up for you.

The first picture has pieces in the metallic blush color from the fatpack. In the fat pack there is the corset top, the bra top, shorts, and thong on all layers and in both opaque and sheer (opaque is worn by me). There is a short and long skirt option (although you should wear the short one with the long one for the best effect) and a pair of opaque pants on both underpants and pants layers. If I counted right, that’s 22 items as well as the prim skirts. Metallic blush was my favorite color but you can also use latex to mix with fashion items to create a unique look, so I also asked to see the set in charcoal.

Latex Lucy

With a little less shine on the charcoal pieces, you could use the tops for layering with jackets or camisoles. The short skirt could be paired with a sparkly top and used for clubbing or something like that. Here I presented the set in a more traditional way for latex to be used but there certainly are options. Each fatpack comes with all the pieces I mentioned for L$ 1695. You might also want to check in for the outfit that was on special to try out some limited options before dropping the big bucks.

Poses used: [LAP] – Joan and Fierce

(PS: My connection was janky today, but I wanted to get the word out on this outfit.)


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