I’ll Be Your Papa, Paparazzi

I'll Be Your Papa, Paparazzi

Elle Kirshner has a cute store called Pulling Strings which specializes in cute poses and fun furniture animations with all sorts of uses. Many of her pose sets are for 2 or more, great for special occasions or a giggle with friends. Recently, she released a new Paparazzi set consisting of 4 poses, poseball style. Each pose is sold as a single for L$ 90, or in the 4-pack for L$ 300. These new paparazzi poses are great for either “photographer” or “SLelebrity”.  The pose used in the picture up top is called “Fisticuffs”, while the one used in the picture below is called “Get Out Of My Face!”.

I'll Be Your Papa, Paparazzi

I think these poses add a good amount of humor to the sometimes too-serious world of Second Life™. I should also mention that Elle has a lucky chair in her store with some of the most popular of her poses, as well as a Subscribe-O-Matic so you can learn about store updates without using up a group space. I hear that you get a free gift when you join, as well as monthly group gifts. While you’re at it, stop by next door at Elle’s other store, Second Spaces, for some high-quality furniture and home accessories.


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