What’s Up With Kalia?

I have maybe 3 consistent readers of my blog, but I thought that they might be interested to know (and maybe someone else out there in the blog-o-sphere) that I am not shutting down my blog! I will be blogging again, but right now my real life job is keeping me very busy, the beautiful weather, as well as my in-world work and trying to get some amount of sleep. I am going to try to make an effort to post once every couple of weeks but I can’t guarantee any amount of regularity.

If you send me review items, please be aware that they might not get blogged, especially if it’s something time sensitive.

Thanks to every one who does read my little piece of fashion commentary, I think from now on I’ll be taking a new direction with this blog. Cheers!

E! – Eclectic Apparel and Accessories

Yesterday I was in a comfy and casual mood, and today I was lucky enough to receive some items that totally fit the bill! E! – Eclectic Apparel and Accessories by Eclectic Wingtips just started selling clothes a few months ago but if these items are any indication, then I suspect there will be no problem with having a successful and longstanding business.

E! - Eclectic Apparel and Accessories

The first outfit I’m wearing features the Boat Neck Top in Sienna with the ribbon detail, it also comes with a second version without the ribbon and two buttons near the collar. The tops are only L$50 for the set of two or you can pick up the fat pack of 11 colours  for  L$ 400. I paired it with the Wide Leg Shorts which I am wearing with the prims, but there is also an alternative short to be worn without prims if you so choose.  The shorts are an easy to afford L$ 50. I think these may just be my new favorite shorts…I love the fabric, the style and the way it only took 15 seconds to fit. The top has a vintage feel to it, and with 11 colors to choose from, well I’m sure there is one that you’ll like.

E! - Eclectic Apparel and Accessories

The second outfit here is showing off the Argyle Vest in Pink. Pink is my favorite color  (right after black)! It comes with the shirt and with a shirtless version. Each of these packs are L$ 60, with the fatpack of 8 colors for L$ 400. I’m also wearing the Angels Capri’s in Blue which have the cute buttons on the waist band – I suspect someone likes buttons! The capri pants are available in 7 colors for L$ 40 or also in the fatpack for L$ 250. After doing this shoot, I was stuck in the vest and Wide Leg Shorts from above, I admit it…and that will probably be the go-to outfit for…well at least today.

An interesting note about the store, all of the items come on multiple layers (in most cases all of them) and you have the option to buy either copyable versions or transferable versions depending on your needs. I wish more shops would do this!

Poses used for this post: AnaLu, Fresh Poses 433 and 445.

Relaxing Over at Timeless

You might have noticed that for a bit my posts were coming in fast(er) and furious(er) than normal. After that I took a wee blogging break from Timeless Agency but today I am back with an outfit that is comfortable and perfect for whatever lazy things I get into.  Check out the post over here to see what I’m blabbing about and for the info on what I’m wearing!

Latest Offerings at She’s So Unusual Shoes

Latest Offerings at She's So Unusual Shoes

Happy April first everyone! Back in the blogging saddle here with the lastest releases from a long-standing store, She’s So Unusual Shoes, by Rowan Carroll. The first ones I’m showcasing here are called Peeptoe Organic Wedges and are shown in the eggplant color. There are nine other colors available as well in the store, with each pair costing L$ 95. I love the pattern on the heel, it certainly does have an organic feel to it. I also want to note that these shoes are transfer/no copy/no mod.

Latest Offerings at She's So Unusual Shoes

The second pair is called Maryjane Bow Platforms and are shown in lime. Once again, there are nine other colors you can chose from in store and they each cost L$ 95. I don’t think it shows up in the picture because of it’s size, but the material of the shoe has a light slighty abstract print to it. Permissions for these are also transfer/no copy/no mod.

Latest Offerings at She's So Unusual Shoes

This last pair won’t cost you anything! The Retro Dot Pumps, shown in pink, are special for the Lucky Chair. There are also orange, green and purple versions that you can win. Permissions for these are copy/no mod/no transfer. Free is also a great price so grab some friends and head over to score yourself a pair.