Hi, July! And Other Stuffs.

Hi, July! And Other Stuffs.

This weekend will mark the three year anniversary of my little blog starting up. If I look back to those times, I really had no idea what I was doing – not that things are much better now *smirks*.  Last month I said I would attempt to make a post for the occasion, and here I am! I’m still hanging around, and this weekend is looking to be a busy one in both of my lives! Clearly, as you can see in the photo, I have a tough life…

Today there is the SCD Reader’s Appreciation Day (check out more info here) and the EIMA International Jeans Showcase at 12 PM SLT (limo is here) which features  “35 Fabulous Denim Designs and Sets, 35 of some of SLs most amazing and most detailed skins, sure to be a hit.”

Also going on over the weekend: A 50% off sale through July 19 at Pulling Strings and Second Space’s new location in Elliott! The biggest event going on though, is the Relay For Life laps! Every year I try to do as many laps as possible, and this year will be no exception! You can join me from July 18 12PM SLT – July 19 12PM SLT, when the area is open to everyone! For more information you can visit the website.

By the way, I wanted to send a shout-out thank you to Gabriel1972 Noriega of the shop Mish Mash. I’m sorry I didn’t get to blog your products before, but they are super cute! Everyone go check out this place now!

Credits for the fashiony stuffs:

Hair: Diversity Hair, Natsumi – Cocoa Brown
Skin: LeLutka, London Light – makeup 2b
Dress: *Clover*, Bacon N Eggs Dress (skirt edited for max. cuteness)
Tank: *Camie Cooper* White Sport Back Tank (Undershirt layer, tinted)
Shoulder pet: Mish Mash, Lil Tomatoe
Left Bracelet: Callie Cline, fat bracelelt
Right Bracelet: *Fresh Baked Goods* Turkish Delight Sea bubbles Bracelet Set (probably no longer available)
Socks: Hal*Hina, [white] Ribbon socks [lL$]
Shoes: !BF!, MaryJane Flats (Patent – Urban)
Shape: My own.
Pose: Poseur @ LicoLico :: kimono 03

Photo taken in Eugene.


3 thoughts on “Hi, July! And Other Stuffs.

  1. Hoo!! Thanks for wearing my shoes in this super cuuute outfit! n_n<3 If you plan on putting this photo in Flickr, please don't hesitate to drop it in my "Wearing !BF!" group :3 <33

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