Recent So Unusual Shoe Releases

An apology here, my RL and SL have been quite busy lately and so I haven’t been able to tend to my blogging duties the way I like, once again. A few days ago, Rowan Carroll of She’s So Unusual Shoes sent me a review pack of her most recent releases. I was delighted! I took pictures on a green screen with new Photoshop techniques under my belt! And then things got busier, and the pictures are sitting in a folder waiting to be edited. Le sigh. So in an attempt to make good, I bring you info about the recent releases using Rowan’s provided pictures and my assurance that the products do look as good in-world.

Recent So Unusual Shoe Releases

The first pair of shoes are the Lace Trim Pumps, shown here in the absinthe color (like what I got in the review pack). These shoes come in 9 colors, each pair is L$ 95 and are transferable only. These are flirty and fun, while at the same time remaining classic –  a real winner!

Recent So Unusual Shoe Releases

Second we have the Corset Wedges, shown here in the magellen color. Available in 8 colors, each pair is L$ 95 and transferable only. I’ve seen something very similar in real life, so these are a great addition to my wardrobe.

Recent So Unusual Shoe Releases

Next up we have the recent addition to the in-store Midnight Mania board, the BlackWhite TriRose T-straps. Since they’re in the board, if it reaches a certain number of participants, you get these for free! If you want a pair for yourself, you better get there early!

Recent So Unusual Shoe Releases

Now these aren’t just shoes, it’s a whole party pack you’re getting here, called Renee’s Bachelorette Party Pack, each pack contains the shoes pictured (here in pink), a veil that gives a random party favor on touch, a Bachelorette party check-list and a fun gesture to use at your party. There are 6 colors available for the packs, with each costing L$ 200 and gift-boxed ready to be given to the lucky lady.

Recent So Unusual Shoe Releases

Fifth we have the Cameo Low Pumps in the cointreau color. Available in 10 colors, once again each pair is L$ 95 and is transferable only. I bet these would come in handy for costume parties, role-playing, or any time you want to feel like a proper lady.

Recent So Unusual Shoe Releases

And finally, a really fun and wacky pair of shoes, the Penis Pumps! These irresistible shoes come in a whopping 21 colors, pictured here in rhubarb, and a multi-color version that you can get in the store if you are a member of the subscriber group. All you have to do is be in the group, teleport to the store, and hit up the kiosk! Easy peasy, huh? Anyway, each of the purchasable versions cost L$ 95 and transferable only.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up, and if you did, why not go see what else is available?


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