Hard, Stomping, Color!

Hard, Stomping, Color!

I’m not really sure what inspired the look I went for today…maybe it was a combination of luck, fate and the search function. Whatever the reason or how it came together, it’s a look that I quite enjoy – exposed bum crack and all. Once again I’m wearing jeans from KHUSH, this time it’s a pair of super cute ripped up ones with the look of fishnets underneath. The outfit pretty much started from these, I have to admit. They come with or without the lace at the top, so 2 pairs in each color pack for L$ 125 L$ 150 (whoops!) or the fatpack of 6 colors for L$ 675.

I then decided to try out a new skin, the Elizabeth N2 line from Blowpop by Annyka Bekkers. Here I’m wearing Persia in tone C, but the skins come in 4 tones and there are 6 new makeups out. Each single skin comes with 2 lipstick options, 3 eyebrow shapers, and pubic hair on the underwear layer, these cost L$ 900. But you can also buy the value packs of 6 skins plus the set of shapes for L$ 3600.  I generally wear only my own shape, so here’s Kalia in her new skin!

Hard, Stomping, Color!

Here’s a close-up of the necklace, “Rock mah Skull” from the store *SiSSi* by Sissi String. I totally spaced and forgot to take one, so this was a quicky done chez moi and but I think you get the idea of what you can expect from it. It also comes with a male version of it, so you and your sweety can match if you’re into that kind of thing for just L$ 139.


Hair: AOHARU,Lauren02c (CocoaBrown)
Skin: *blowpop*, N2 Elizabeth – tone C – Persia
Necklace: *SiSSi*, Rock mah Skull *female*
Jacket and longer tank: MEB, Miami
Short tank: Alegria Designs, Back to Basics Tank Top Cyan 2
Jeans: KHUSH, Jeans Black Ripped – Blacklace 1
Boots: <TheAbyss>, NAU Combat Boots [Unisex]
Shape: My own.
Pose: *Luth*, Funky 8 (store is called Reel Expression)

Picture taken at: FAR… FAR!!!


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