Terrifying Tara!

Terrifying Tara!

Halloween is almost upon now – just a few days away! While I’ll probably spend the night chowing on candy apples, popcorn and watching horror movies in my real life, in Second Life© you can have several costumes, do a variety of activities, eat tons of sweets without gaining a pound and…wait, you can do that every day in SL! Okay, well, the point is, today I’m kicking up my look in spirit of the spooky celebration. I’m wearing the new Bloody Tara skins from GeEs Design by Gandalf Edman.

Terrifying Tara!

The skins come in both of the tones shown here in one pack for L$ 500, but really you get several options because each comes with matte lips or glossy lips (and with or without pubic hair for each). You can see the blood and scratches on the face, and the scar over the breast which gives this version it’s name. These skins are based off the regular line of skins called Tara, which all come with a facelight (the Bloody skins as well) and a no-mod fitting shape. Singles are regularly L$ 800 and the Bundle packs of 9 makeups in a skin tone is L$ 2499.

I suggest you go have a look at the store because are there are some really cute  pale Pierrot skins as well, each for L$ 5oo or the Bundle pack of 9 for L$ 1750. At times I find clowns kind of creepy, but Pierrot’s are sweet and sort of melancholy – in a good way. Have a look and see what it’s all about!


Skins: GeEs Design, Tara reloaded – Bloody Tara sand and Tara reloaded – Bloody Tara-glos
Hair: VIXEN, Felidae – Blackmail (Mix & Mingle Hunt gift, the hunt is still going on!)
Earrings and Choker: Paper Couture, Antique Pearl Choker Set (I believe it is no longer available)
Dress: Last Call, Catwalk Collection: Arachne (store is long closed, but some people are selling their items second hand)
Shape: My own.
Pose: Glitterati, Pork sword 5

Picture taken at: Darkwood Cathedral and medieval towers


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