Happy Thursday everyone! I’m blogging today one of my “Look Of The Day” type posts so it’s going to be short on text this time I’m afraid. I threw this together last night and I am pretty much in love with how it came out so I thought I’d share it with you guys. I started with the new Aubrey Tubedress by Liess Paine of KHUSH. I don’t think there is anything from that store that I don’t like. Anyway, it has a super cute laced up back which you can see here on the KHUSH blog. The dress comes in black and 5 patterns, each cost L$ 175 and you can get all 6 of them for L$ 945. This was the first time I wore this jacket from Madsy – it was a special item for the Designers United 3 event. You can’t get it anymore but there are other great items there to grab up – which you might want to do soon because the store is closing shortly. I just stocked up on a few things myself.


Hair: Truth, Charlie – caramel
Skin: LeLutka, IFElight-Haiti
Necklace: Boing Fromage, Lady Cameo Set (SILVER) – With Sautoir
Jacket: Madsy, DU3 exclusive – Vaudville cropped jacket – iron
Dress: KHUSH, AubreyBlacks – Solid
Bangle: alaMood, Bantu Wood – Silver Bangle (L)
Socks: Dutch Touch, SocksBlocks Grey
Boots: The Abyss, NAU Combat Boots [Unisex]
Pose:, model.pose 20

Picture taken at: CREAMSHOP


I’m feeling a bit like a “bad girl” in this outfit, something about it not only screams to be looked at, but you might also want to watch what I’m doing…

Actually, when I received the Sabotage dress from *BOOM* by Aranel Ah, I wasn’t sure how I would work it into a look that would still be something that felt like me. I scratched my head a bit and looked through my inventory. Then I realized that by adding a layer underneath the dress, I felt more comfortable. This is a good lesson for a lot of people, sometimes you may make a snap judgment about an item, but all it takes is a little tweak to make it your style. Now I’m really in love with this dress and will be wearing it a lot. Sabotage is available in 16 color combinations for L$ 275 each. It also comes with prim cuffs and secondary layers so that if you wear something underneath it, the outline of the V won’t be as noticeable.


Hair: Truth, Gretel – caramel
Skin: Belleza, Alyson MED Group Gift
Dress: *BOOM*, Sabotage (ignite)
Bandeau (underneath): [Cynful], Denim RetroRomper – Black ~ Black Top (part of outfit)
Necklace:<Yabusaka>, Anchor Long Necklace (silver)
Gloves: TART, raven gloves (really old, might no longer be available)
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Prestige Boots Red Leather
Pose:, model.pose 21

Picture taken at: Tesla On A Sunday Pt. 2

Last week I showed you some great new items from and this week I’m back with more! Once again there are several hair releases and a new set of poses.

The first hair I’m showing you is called Joanna and has the fedora attached. The poses that came out this past Friday are the Fedora Poses and are made to work with this hair, or most any hat/hair combo. The hat has several color change options which you can play with, including giving it a straw texture.

The second hair is Joanna.2 and is the same as the first minus the fedora. Here you can see the overall look of the hairstyle better.

And lastly we have the Karen hair, which is long and straight in the back, with a scarf-like bandana that hangs over each shoulder in the front. You can change the color of the scarf and turn off the ties in front.

Each hair sells for L$ 250 for a color pack of 4, or all 20 colors for L$ 875. The poses can be bought as singles for L$ 45 or all 6 for L$ 185.


Hair: Friday, Joanna, Joanna.2, and Karen all in Moody Brown
Skin: LeLutka, E/Estelle-makeup1(D Brows)
Dress: Elate, Sam (Olive) (this week’s 50L Friday special)
Tights: G.L.A.M, Metallic Gold Lycra Tights (probably no longer available)
Bracelet: Dark Mouse, Twisted Bangle – Copper
Boots: Miel, Hai Boots – Red
Pose:, fedora pose 1, 6, and 2

Evangeline Gown Release and Promotion

Established brand Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino is once again releasing a beautiful gown onto the grid today – Evangeline. It’s described as “exquisite and totally indulgent, with a gorgeous soft textured top bodice with a high amount of detailing. The system skirt is asymetrical, very short and will skim your thighs with a delicious transparency. The short prim skirt is full of frill and vibrancy and is perfect for parties. We have also created not one but two incredibly beautiful long formal skirts, the first with a delicate lace pattern on the upper layer, and the second skirt comprises of multiple simple layers of silk. Both are finished with a bow at the back, and this is all accented with beautiful soft prim frills, one on each shoulder, and also at the waist.” The first picture shows the short prim skirt, perfect for hitting your favorite dance spot.

This second picture shows the waist ruffles and the full formal skirt in lace. What I like about this line is that the ruffles aren’t the same color as the dress, sometimes they’re in a darker shade but they don’t match 100% and that makes it more visually interesting. It comes in 7 colors, you can buy the fatpack with all the options for L$ 750, or you can buy one version for L$ 375.

And to motivate you to check out the new release, the store is offering this version of the Evangeline gown in a gold bandage style with sheer parted skirt for L$ 100. You can also pick up the matching butterfly and feather headpiece by Singsong Writer of Eternity Jewels by Seldom Blue for $1L! I’m loving it, and still wearing it…I may not take it off.

Actually it works quite well with this hair from Exile by Kavar Cleanslate. It’s called Amelia and was released a few days ago. The hair is sold in color packs of 6 for L$ 225, or the pack of all 30 colors for L$ 1000.


Hair: Exile, Amelia/hazelnut
Skin: LeLutka, E/Estellelight-makeup1
Shoes: Maitreya Gold, Shanti Snow Leopard
Black dresses: Seldom Blue, Evangeline Gown Black (fatpack)
Gold dress: Seldom Blue, Evangeline Special Offer in Gold
Headpiece: Eternity Jewels by Seldom Blue, Evangeline Headpiece
Pose: AnaLu, *fresh poses* 430, 437, 432

Picture taken at: Japan Tempura Island

On Ne Mange Pas Des Hot-Dogs!

Salut mes amis! I felt a little bit European in this outfit so I decided to bring out my inner Parisian here. I didn’t plan for it to come out this way, but maybe all that studying the French Revolution for school has subconsciously affected me. My slightly sad expression shows how the madamoiselle feels about food served from a large metal sausage on wheels. Okay, enough chit chat, and on to the look.

The outfit really started with the Valentina dress from Luster by Lo Jacobs. I think one of my first pieces of clothing was by Lo, so it’s great to see a designer from back then still in action and still making things that I adore. It might be a little difficult to see, but the top has lace over the bodice, making it very classy and almost a throwback to more glamorous times. The Valentina dress is available in 4 colors for L$ 290 each or you can get all 4 for L$ 870.  It comes with the prim skirt, stockings and prim poofy shoulder attachments (the last two aren’t worn).

I of course am in love with the Sasha pre-release hair from Maitreya, which is on sale for L$ 50 in this dark brown and also a blond color. The proceeds are going to benefit the Red Cross Haiti Fundraiser. You can get it at the main store or at Scribble, where designers of all kinds have items for sale which also will benefit the Haiti fundraiser. It’s a very worthy cause so go and donate if you’re able to.


Hat/hair: Maitreya, Sasha Bistre
Skin: Curio, Sundust [Dark] Winter-Pure 1
Dress: *Luster, Valentina – Noir
Necklace: *KessKreations*, Vixie Chocolate Pearl Necklace
Tights: MichaMi, Pia Leggings in Green
Boots: Maitreya, SoHo Boots ‘Black Suede’
Pose: Glitterati, Ice skating 4

Picture taken at: The Starlust Motel On A Sunday has once again released some lovely new items onto the grid as of last Friday, and being that I’ve been incredibly busy lately I’m getting them out to you now. My apologies, but maybe some of you haven’t seen them yet, and in any case, who minds looking at pretties?

The hair I’m featuring on this post are all by, but so is the pose I’m using in this first picture. I didn’t know they even made poses – but they do! Very cute ones in fact. They released 2 pose packs of 6 poses each which you can individually for L$ 45 or 24.7 pack of all of them for L$ 185. The hair I’m wearing here is Nicole 2, which is very beachy to me – hence the whole vacation-like picture. I love how the loose braids are pinned together at the back.

The bikini top I’m wearing is the latest Glitter Bikini top from KHUSH by Liess Paine. It’s out in 9 bold colors, and on all layers (which you know I love). The price is L$ 99 for each, or L$ 802 for the fatpack.

The hair with the neat fedora? Well that’s the Victoria style, and once again that bikini top makes an appearance – but this time in gold!

Are hats a theme this week? Well the one with the Nicole will keep your head warm in these cooler months.

This last style is the Victoria 2 – all of the hairs are available in color packs of 4 for L$ 250, or get all 20 colors for L$ 875.

Credits for pic #1:

Hair:, Nicole.2 – Jaded Blond
Skin: Free Speerit, Katherine Tan (Night)
Bikini top: KHUSH, Glitter Bikini Top – Pink
Shorts: Exodi, Nadia Shorts (Faded)
Bag: [amis]Go!Go! Beach bag*pink
Bangle: *G Field*, Bangle “Floria” -Pink Tulip-
Flip flops: [0N] flip-flops PINK
Pose:, model.pose 15

Picture taken at: Mexico

Credits for pic #2, 3 and 4:
Hair:, Victoria – Jaded Blond, Nicole – Jaded Blond, and Victoria.2 – Jaded Blond
Skin: Free Speerit, Katherine (Desire)
Bikini top: KHUSH, Glitter Bikini Top – Gold
Pose: AnaLu, *fresh poses* 470

Flamenco in My Heart

Dancing begins in the heart and soul, and even though I’m miles away from Spain, a little dance has sprung up inside me and I thought I would dress up for the occasion. Could there be anything more extravagant and striking than the Isis Andaluz dress from Nardcotix? Nardya Rousselot did an exceptional job on this, I truly feel like I could dance the night away to some intoxicating flamenco music in this. The dress comes on all layers and includes system skirt, decorative bodice ruffles, 3 part prim skirt, and the headpiece. This is one of the more expensive outfits I’ve shown on here for L$ 840, but it can be worn several ways and you can easily fit the prim parts (thank goodness).

The sexy red heels are also from Nardcotix and are called the Rebekah pumps. Currently available in 20 colors, each one comes with a pair with a colored heel and then one pair with a black heel, except for the black pair which comes with a grey sole version. Each color pack costs L$ 500, while the fatpack sells for L$ 8000. Everyone needs a few pairs of classic heels, so these are a good option since you’re able to wear the color you like, in more than one way.


Hair: ETD, Tiana – Chestnut
Skin: Free Speerit, Kimberly Tan (Free Speerit)(Stripe)
Dress and headpiece: Nardcotix, Isis Andaluz Dress
Bracelet: Muse, Nougatine Mini Limited Edition Bracelet (probably no longer available)
Shoes: Nardcotix, Rebekah Pumps Strawberry/Black Heel
Pose: AnaLu, *freshposes* 448

Background from: Polyvore user

Under The Neon Lights

Looking through my inventory I saw the newly released Pop Dresses from DYN and decided to make a more creative look around it. The dresses designed by Kirsty Oherlihy come in 8 prints, including stripes, camouflage and polka-dots. Each comes on multiple layers with the prim skirt flap for L$ 150 each, or L$ 900 for all of them.

I needed a jacket, being that it’s rather cold in my part of the world and Kalia seems to reflect a lot of the real life me. So I plucked out the Cropped Leather Jacket from Second Wave Apparel by Sioxie Legend. I easily resized the arm prims a little bit to make them smaller, and voilà, a cute and modern addition! The jacket only comes in black at the moment and costs L$ 200.

I wanted to add a touch of playfulness to my outfit, so I decided on these rockin’ cowboy boots from Duh! by Renee Harvy. This specific pair were a group gift, but you can grab a pair of your own for only L$ 25 – yeah, the prices there are ridiculously cheap making the quality for price ratio very high. There are also accessories and other things you might like there, so everyone on a budget (or not) should take a peek.


Hair: !lamb., Witch – Burnt Orange
Skin: Exodi, Lily Cedar (Frosted – DkBrow)
Dress: DYN, Pop Dress (Black Stripe)
Jacket: Second Wave Apparel, CroppedLeatherJacket
Earrings: Bax Coen Designs, Bax Indian Summer (comes with necklace, color-change)
Tights: Armidi Limited, Metallic Tights [Black]
Socks: Aoharu, ArgyleSocks001 (comes in a pack)
Arm Warmers: Maitreya, Armwarmers – Magnolia (originally white, tinted grey)
Boots: ::Duh!:: Group Gift Woman’s Grey Cowboy Boots
Pose: Glitterati, 030

Picture taken at: Kowloon