Working Woman

I think I may need a new career, my latest stint being a taxi driver doesn’t seem to be working out the way I’d hope… but at least I’m looking good while I wreck car after car! Getting ready was easy with the new Madelene outfit from DCNY. It’s a full outfit, with the shirt, pants, vest, fedora and the fedora with hair in 4 different colors. I’m wearing the hat with the hair in brown, with red, black and blond also included. Even though it’s a take on classic menswear, tailored pieces look good on women too, and I think this more androgynous look is becoming more popular in fashion. It comes in 5 variations with a different shirt colors but all the same pieces otherwise. Besides white, the other colors available are: blue, pink, brown (more like a tan) and green. The shirt can be worn tucked in or out, and the vest comes with the shirt or on it’s own. Outfits that can be used mixed with other items from your inventory are especially great deals, and this one won’t even break the bank when it costs L$ 450 per color.

By the way, you can also find some really amazing two-tone matching heels from Nardcotix which sort of resemble men’s wing-tips. These will set you back L$ 500.  You’ll find them right across from the Madelene display (sorry there’s no picture, but they’re really cute).


Skin: &Bean, Pillow Light Group Gift
Earrings: turnstyle, Sand Dollar Earrings
Shoes: Maitreya, Verve Pumps – Black
Outfit and fedora with hair: DCNY, “Madelene” Outfit – White
Pose: {flowey}, only shoes for 1000L and up are exclusive

Picture taken at: Tesla


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