From Past to Present

Sophia Harlow recently blogged some of her favorite items from her days as a noob. She then challenged other bloggers to do the same. I think I’m like many others who have deleted majority of the items from 2006/2007 if they’ve been around since then, so I took a look at my old location of SL-Shop-a-holic. I started blogging probably about a month after rezzing, and this look was one of my first posts:

I’m not sure what I was thinking either… but I used to love that Gurl6 hair, which I probably got somewhere as a freebie. Jeez, how things have changed! Let’s fast forward to today:

I picked up this dress from the Designer’s United event and am in love with it! Any similarities? Well, I still like pink and my lips are sort of the same shape…I’m a bit shorter when I’m wearing this shape, but other times I wear a small shape which is almost a foot shorter. My chest is noticeably smaller as well, I think I was a giant with a good-sized rack back then *shudders*.

Anyway, I’m sure someone will always think I’m too tall or too short, too skinny, too squinty, too something; but you can’t please everyone. I like my avatar today, and I liked her back in 2006 most of the time. Kalia is Kalia, and that’s all she can be.

Credits for today’s outfit:

Hair: lamb, Big Bang Bob – Butterfinger
Skin: Exodi, Stephanie (Panacek) – 2010 (Lt) (group gift)
Necklace: Donna Flora, ALDA necklace CORAL
Dress: Royal Blue, The Transformation Beings in B/Pepto Bismol
Gloves: Cheerno, BRILLIANT Gloves [Black] (men’s item but really unisex)
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
Hallway pose prop: Glitterati, Sci-fi Hallway


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