On Ne Mange Pas Des Hot-Dogs!

Salut mes amis! I felt a little bit European in this outfit so I decided to bring out my inner Parisian here. I didn’t plan for it to come out this way, but maybe all that studying the French Revolution for school has subconsciously affected me. My slightly sad expression shows how the madamoiselle feels about food served from a large metal sausage on wheels. Okay, enough chit chat, and on to the look.

The outfit really started with the Valentina dress from Luster by Lo Jacobs. I think one of my first pieces of clothing was by Lo, so it’s great to see a designer from back then still in action and still making things that I adore. It might be a little difficult to see, but the top has lace over the bodice, making it very classy and almost a throwback to more glamorous times. The Valentina dress is available in 4 colors for L$ 290 each or you can get all 4 for L$ 870.  It comes with the prim skirt, stockings and prim poofy shoulder attachments (the last two aren’t worn).

I of course am in love with the Sasha pre-release hair from Maitreya, which is on sale for L$ 50 in this dark brown and also a blond color. The proceeds are going to benefit the Red Cross Haiti Fundraiser. You can get it at the main store or at Scribble, where designers of all kinds have items for sale which also will benefit the Haiti fundraiser. It’s a very worthy cause so go and donate if you’re able to.


Hat/hair: Maitreya, Sasha Bistre
Skin: Curio, Sundust [Dark] Winter-Pure 1
Dress: *Luster, Valentina – Noir
Necklace: *KessKreations*, Vixie Chocolate Pearl Necklace
Tights: MichaMi, Pia Leggings in Green
Boots: Maitreya, SoHo Boots ‘Black Suede’
Pose: Glitterati, Ice skating 4

Picture taken at: The Starlust Motel


4 thoughts on “On Ne Mange Pas Des Hot-Dogs!

  1. Instead of giving about 57 cents U.S., why not send that money directly to the International Red Cross, Unicef, or one of the other organizations which take donations directly, don’t take a cut (like LL and paypal or the bank check will), and it gets there NOW which is when they need the help, not in a month or two when this is cashed out. Text “Haiti” to 90999 (Red Cross) or “Unicef” to 20222 or “Yele” to 501501. These are verified, certified, and up and running organizations in the area who need help NOW. Please send money, not Linden $L.

    • RubyS, some people can only donate what they can, and some designers like motivating people to donate by creating. We’re living in a difficult economic time, and the fact that many people can barely pay their bills, yet still want to contribute what little they can speaks volumes.

      Thanks for the information for anyone who will read this and is able to donate a larger sum of money. However, I don’t think any valid method of donation should be looked down upon, it should be encouraged.

      Thanks for reading.

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