I Wish It Was…


As you probably know, Fri.day released 2 new items and 2 new hairstyles a couple of days ago, so I put together 2 looks using these pieces – both comfy and casual with a little bit of my personality added to it.

The first hair I am wearing is the new Carrie which is a simple pony-tail style. It matched great with the new sweater called the Comfy. Cardi and the new Low.Rise Jeans. This whole look makes me happy, I’ll probably end up wearing something similar on multiple occasions.

In this picture I’m wearing the new Marie hair which comes with the flower (it attaches to nose, chin or ear). And this time I added the flare bottoms to the jeans instead of the skinny ones shown above.

Both hairs are sold in color packs of 4 for L$ 250 each or all the colors for L$ 875.

The Comfy.Cardis come in 8 colors, each is L$ 180 or all for L$ 1000. The prim buckles are the cutest detail I’ve seen in a while.

The Low.Rise Jeans come in 6 washes for L$ 180, or get them all for L$ 750. You get the skinny and flared bottoms, and each in a shorter version to wear with flat shoes.

Credits for pic #1:

Hair: Fri.day, Carrie – Thoughtful Brown
Skin: Pink Fuel, Skye <Chai> – Pure
Earrings: [glow] studio, White Diamonds Valentine
Piercings: .HoD., Hopeless Piercing – Shadowed
Tattoo: My own.
Tank: momo, Uma TankTop (polkadot edition) sea
Sweater: Fri.day, Comfy.Cardi (Charcoal)
Jeans: Fri.day, Low.Rise Jeans (Dark)
Shoes: Periquita, Funny Girl Flats Cyan
Pose: Glitterati, 047

Credits for pic #2:

Hair: Fri.day, Marie – Delighted Blond
Skin: Pink Fuel, Skye <Chai> – Pure
Tattoo: My own.
Tank: Savvy?, Sweet Cami (Freshly Spilled)
Sweater: Fri.day, Comfy.Cardi (Black)
Jeans: Fri.day, Low.Rise Jeans (Light)
Shoes: AW Design, Schoo Black
Pose: Glitterati, 023

Not Another Valentine’s Post

I honestly don’t get all the hoopla about Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t you tell those you care about how you feel nearly every day anyway? I suppose that for some people it’s a nice way to recognize those especially meaningful to you but I prefer to spread the love around all year long. In any case I thought I’d come up with a more sexy look since so many people seem to be in their undies these days – not that I mind really.

I can do the sexy look just as good as anyone (I think)! I’m thinking teal and purple is one of my new fave color combos so why not do a post primarily in those? I also used some new items that I got recently.

The rosary necklace and piercings are from a new set called “Hopeful” &”Hopeless” from .HoD. by Aydan Darcy. This is the Hopeless versions, the Hopeful ones are similar but light silver, and a flower replaces the skull on the rosary. The “Hopless” pieces are described by Ayden, “”Hopeless” Rosary: The heartbreak and hurt embodied in this Rosary has a deep down meaning for all of us. The central piece (skull) expresses the face which we all have had when we experience pain..loss. Many of us look at an “upside down” cross and see it as a satanic figure. However, this is not the case in this particular jewelry piece. This cross is St. Peter’s cross…which, is the symbol of humility and unworthiness. The largest defeat in Love is simply the misconception that we do not deserve it.” Since I am a confirmed bachelorette in SL, I figured I’d take this route. You get both versions of the rosary and both versions of the piercings in one set for L$ 219. The piercings are copy/mod and the rosary necklace is copy/sizable with script. You’ll find the set on the second floor of the store.

The hair is a new release called BLISS from I LOVE OLIVE by Prosperitus Nakamura and Yura Gazov. It comes in several color packs, has a texture change headband, and is also script sizable. The color packs are L$ 170, or get all the colors for L$ 510 (approximately 21 colors). There is also a special Valentine’s Day version available for L$ 50 and it comes in five different shades of red with a texture change headband as well.

Like my cute ❤ tat? It’s from Shay Savon of Fashion Hoard Chronicles. She made it and 3 others to celebrate getting 10, 000 views on her blog! If you want your own, you’ll have to visit her blog to find out how!


Skin: Pink Fuel, Skye <Chai> – Angel
Feather: Pididdle, from the Hunfry for a Holiday sweater
Rosary and Facial piercings: .HoD., “Hopeful” and “Hopeless” Rosary set
Tattoo: By Shay Savon of Fashion Hoard Chronicles
Jumper: *elymode*, shorties jumper – teal/lilac (SoM gift)
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Prestige Boots Green Suede
Pose chair: Glitterati, Model Chair

Something Sort Of Extra Special

There are a few brands I’ve been following and blogging for a long time, like Kunglers by AvaGardner and Barbra Kungler. They recently released some new separates, but also have come out with a line of jewelry called Kunglers Extra.

First, let me show you the new clothing, the Boyfriend Shorts and Satin & Lacework blouse. Both the shorts and blouse come in 5 variations and each costs L$ 149. The shorts come with 2 versions of the shorts, one with a shadow in the belt area and one without. It also comes with the prim cuffs, and 3 prim belts. The great thing is that the prim pieces all have a resize script for easy editing – yay! The blouse comes with the decorative ruffles and prim bow that sits at waist level. Although it looks just as nice without them.

Here’s where it gets really interesting – the new line of jewelry! I was so excited when I started putting on these sets as they are just absolutely gorgeous! This is the Maracuja set in gold and comes with everything shown here as well as a matching bracelet for the right arm.

For 3 other beautiful sets, join me after the cut! Continue reading

Decorate Your Ears

Today I’m featuring 6 pairs of earrings from Talisman by Hazel Kyrgyz. I’ve done close-ups so you can see all the great details. The first pair is the Eat Me! Sushi Earrings, which are L$ 50. The second are the Fork You! Silver Cutlery Earrings, which set you back L$ 46.

The third pair is called Lana Cascading Pearl Earrings. The gold metal version is shown but silver is also included for L$ 50. The ones next to it are the Mira (Distressed Silver) Hoop Earrings which only cost L$ 25!

The fifth pair are the realistic Slit Me Not Razor Blade Earrings which will only slash L$ 50 off your balance. The last pair is the Take Your Pill Earrings that are a paltry L$ 25.

If you’re on a budget, or even if you’re not, there are some great deals to be had at Talisman, so you’ll want to stroll on over and see for yourself.