Decorate Your Ears

Today I’m featuring 6 pairs of earrings from Talisman by Hazel Kyrgyz. I’ve done close-ups so you can see all the great details. The first pair is the Eat Me! Sushi Earrings, which are L$ 50. The second are the Fork You! Silver Cutlery Earrings, which set you back L$ 46.

The third pair is called Lana Cascading Pearl Earrings. The gold metal version is shown but silver is also included for L$ 50. The ones next to it are the Mira (Distressed Silver) Hoop Earrings which only cost L$ 25!

The fifth pair are the realistic Slit Me Not Razor Blade Earrings which will only slash L$ 50 off your balance. The last pair is the Take Your Pill Earrings that are a paltry L$ 25.

If you’re on a budget, or even if you’re not, there are some great deals to be had at Talisman, so you’ll want to stroll on over and see for yourself.


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