On The Real

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve done a post! So sorry about that, but there has been a lot going on in my real life that has kept me plenty busy and logging fewer hours in SL. Anyway, during my blogging absence, my bessie Shay Savon opened a store of poses and other things she comes up with, appropriately named *Sh33k Poses & Random Stuff! I was supposed to do a post about that when it happened, but being a crappy friend, I didn’t have time. Anyway, I love her and the things she comes up with (you might remember her tattoo I wore here). She also has a nifty blog for it, so you can keep up with her releases. The poses used for today’s piccy were created by the lovely Miss Savon herself and are part of the Casual Gal pose pack, although you can buy a single pose for L$ 35 or the pack of all five for L$ 150.

Also, have to shout out about my new fave kicks, the Pure sneakers from 2REAL. Created by 2REAL Okelli, these babies are fully customizable, every area can change color or pattern (either one shoe or both) with a simple to use HUD and is resizable. It also comes with 2 sizes in the folder, so you can just wear and color to your heart’s content if you’ve got pretty standard sized feet – I’m wearing the small pair and they seem to look fine without any size tweaking. A pair will empty your wallet by L$ 600, but considering these can match pretty much about anything, I’d say they are more than worth the investment.

I’m easing back into blogging, so be gentle with me!


Skin: Touche’, Bria Medium – Lily
Sweater: Elephant Outfitters, Sailor Striped Sweater – Black/White
Skirt: *BOOM*, Verie Mini Skirt (khaki)
Bangle: Second Wave Apparel, AsianBangle_Jade-Right
Socks: *League*, Sport Socks (Grey) Brown Lines-Grey Logo
Shoes: 2REAL, PURE
Shape: My own.
Pose: Sh33k Poses, The Casual Gal 2 and 3


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