All About The Relay For Life Clothing Fair

This is it, the Relay For Life Clothing Fair officially starts today with a kick-off party at the Patch Thibaud auditorium at 1PM SLT.  The middle sim of the clothing fair will also be open for over flow (also the location of the general landing point). The fair’s other 8 sims open up at 3PM SLT for you to get your shopping on and drop those lovely Lindens on some drool-worthy items that benefit a great cause. The fair will run through to Sunday, March 21 when the sims will be shut down at 9PM SLT.

This year, 150 creators are participating, offering up 4 items each which will have all proceeds go to the RFL foundation. Due to the huge amount of lag expected, please remember to de-prim and de-script – you don’t have to go bald, just be considerate of others. You can also reduce lag with the settings on your viewer by reducing draw-distance, unchecking avatar imposters under avatar rendering in the custom area of the graphics tab in preferences, and turning off particles (you never know who might show up with one of those awful poofers).

I went through all the sims to collect direct tp points for you all and made a couple of notes on each.

New York:

The New York Public Library contains panels with useful/interesting info, and there is both realistic and fictional builds, for example: the Ghostbusters headquarters.


There’s a lovely park here in the center, and quiet sitting areas scattered around.


The center of this sim is reminiscent of Trafalgar Square in real life London, England.


The is a cute terace sitting area, a natural feel with tropical flora and fauna, it reminds me of an open-air mall.


The whole build is like a shopping piazza with marble flooring, very elegant and old world.

Rio de Janiero:

A hot weather, beachy sim, with straw palapas, bright colors and patterns. What a place to spend an hour shopping 🙂


Welcome to France! You’ll find the monumental Tour d’Eiffel (aka the Eiffel Tower) as well as classical sculptures.

New Delhi:

Take in the beauty of tiling, water fixtures, terra cotta builds, and mosaics.

I’ll be featuring some of the things I grabbed up in the coming days, as well as fill you in on the photo contest that’s going on.


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