Juste Une Mémoire

Today is April 14, and that means it is Pink Shirt Day. What does that mean? Well it’s a day to stand up against bullying and say that it’s not okay. Just yesterday I saw on the news a piece about a 9 year old boy who hung himself at school because of bullying. It’s not okay in the real world, and it’s not okay in Second Life. Many of us have been bullied, myself included, and many of us have been the bullies, myself included once again. I didn’t even realize it was bullying until I was much older. Maybe that’s the crux of the issue, is someone just being mean/ a loud-mouth or bullying? Here’s a link which explains it better for all of us (thanks to Stacie Pryor at Second Style Magazine for some great links). I won’t go into specifics here, but at different times in my childhood/adolescence, I was taunted, teased, followed, whispered about, rumors spread about me and generally school was hell. It changed how I felt about myself, lowered my self-esteem to nothing and made me miserable. I also am predisposed to anxiety and depression and have battled with those since I was a kid. We, as a society, need to realize how serious and damaging bullying can really be.

To move on to a lighter subject, how about some info on the items I’m wearing today? Most things you’ll see in this post are from fri.day, the store that keeps my inventory very happy. Being that it’s Pink Shirt Day, I put together my first look starting with the pink Travelers.Tank and then worked from there. The tank comes in 12 colors and costs L$ 90 each or L$ 750 for all of them. You can wear it short or long over pants which is normally the look I go for. I’m also wearing the Tourist.Jacket which comes in 6 colors for L$ 200 or splurge and get them all for L$ 840. The skirt is the cute Vacation.Mini which comes in 7 colors for L$ 140 and the fatpack is L$ 680. The cropped tights are also a new item from fri.day, the Cutoff.Stockings come in 12 colors and are L$ 45 each or grab them all for L$ 375.

The second outfit is a departure from today’s theme, but includes more goodies from fri.day. The Reverie.Dress worn here comes with a tucked and untucked version of the tie as well as a skinny belt, and a version with no blouse. Each of the 8 color options (the blouse changes color only) is L$ 250 or you can have them all for L$ 1400. I’m also wearing full length tights this time, the Opaque.Stockings which also come in a selection of 12 colors with the price being L$ 45 each or if you can’t make up your mind, spend L$ 375 and have them all at your disposal.

Credits for Pic #1:

Hair: W&Y, L Black Gift (in-store lucky board item)
Skin: LeLutka, IFElight-VAMP (former gift)
Jacket: fri.day, Tourist.Jacket (Gray)
Tank top: fri.day, Traveler’s.Tank (Pink)
Skirt: fri.day, Vacation.Mini (Gray)
Cropped tights: fri.day, Cutoff.Stockings (Pink)
Shoes: 50 flats, jeweled flats – gray
Poses: *EverGlow*, Model198

Credits for Pic #2:

Skin: LeLutka, IFElight-VAMP (former gift)
Dress, shirt and tie: fri.day, Reverie.Dress (Cobalt)
Tights: fri.day, Opaque.Stockings (Cobalt)
Bangles: KHUSH, Short Leather Bangles – Black 1
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Prestige Boots Silver (color change)
Poses: *Sh33K Poses, The Kaloo 2


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