Thursday Quickie

I’ve been pretty busy in both lives lately…so I bring you a quick look that started with the Rufflekini from Hucci by Eboni Khan. This pink leopard version was sent out through the subscription thingy, which you might be able to get delivered if you missed it. Other colors are available in the store for L$ 150. I wasn’t into wearing a bathing suit right this moment so I made it more rock n’ roll. Oh, and if you’re an SL Daily Deals member, there are some great discounts in the store, I love my SLDD membership…why aren’t you a member?

This is ending up longer than I thought, not such a quickie after all! Anyway, here’s a closer look at some of the details, like the Envy piercing from hep c. What’s great about this is that it comes in a bunch of different colors for one price, L$ 125! I’m blogging for the store now, so if you want to see what else there is make sure to have a look. New items are being added there daily, but there is much more to see in the store itself. And if you join the in-world group, you can totally hassle Johnn Balzibo to fit them for you ❤


Hair: lamb., The Glow Deux – Ink (former group gift)
Skin: Tuli, Sayuri tone 2 VIP update group special
Tattoo: My own.
Jacket:, Tourist.Jacket (black)
Bathing suit: House of Hucci, Hucci Rufflekini – Pink Leopard
Belt: *SiSSi*, Squarish Bellychain Light
Leggings: *LP Design, Rock leggings
Shoes: Pixel Mode, Baby T Plain: Black
Poses: Glitterati, Sci-fi Hallway prop


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