A Bit of Argyle

Autumn is the time sweaters come out for me, and I have to admit it, I also love a good argyle print – on pretty much anything. My buddy Swan Ling returned to SL© recently, and reopened her former store (Spoon/Olive Juice) under a new name, Argyle Anonymous. As the name suggests there are several argyle items there, but there are also t-shirts, furniture and other cool things, all at super low prices. The outfit I am wearing is from there, and it includes: the long cardigan, skirt, shirt and socks I have on, as well as a printed v-neck sweater, jeans, and another pair of argyle socks in dark red. All of those items together only costs L$ 169! The textures are hand-drawn and the seams match up pretty well, the only place I even noticed it was the top band of the socks. The long cardigan, skirt and jeans all have prim parts which are modifiable so they will fit just about anyone.

Off I go to play in the leaves now, and scare children in their Halloween costumes *muhahaha*!


Hair: elikatira, Say – Red 09 (freebie)
Skin: Banilacoco, banila skin (normal)/freckles (I think I got it from a hunt)
Eyes: Ibanez, SmoothGlow Eyes – Pastoral
Lashes: Iris’ Eyelash tattoo
Sweater, shirt, skirt and socks: Argyle Anonymous, Long Cardi Set
Bag: ][AV][, bag fur brown (lucky board prize)
Shoes: Maitreya, Verve Black
Shape: My own.
Pose: fri.day, model.pose 15

Super Kalia!

I’ve been wearing this costume for the last couple of days, so I have to blog it since I’ve gotten a bunch of comments on it already. I’m wearing the female version of the We Could Be Superheroes costume from Awesome Blossom. Clementine Ishtari collaborated with Johnn Balzibo to come up with this, as well as a male version. It totally brings you back to childhood, with a make-shift cape, bucket for a helmet and a belt with all the gear you need to fight crime! Big rain boots complete the look and will aid with kicking down doors. The boots are color-change, as is the butterfly on the belt buckle. The bucket hat comes with 12 different faces. You also get a crown and a goldfish cracker to wear in your mouth. This outfit is too cute, I can’t take it off! Both the female and male costumes cost L$ 200 each, or you can get the We Could Be Superheroes Together costumes, which includes one of each costume set for L$ 300.

I am Super Kalia, and this is my mighty companion Sniffles! We’ll fight crime any day, any time! Pew pew pew!


Bucket hat, Cape, Belt and Boots: ::AWesome Blossom::, We Could Be Superheroes (female)
Hair: fri.day, Victoria.2 – Anxious Blond
Eyes: Ibanez, SmoothGlow Eyes- Pastoral
Lashes: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Skin: Lelutka, AVA_lgt-250910(LBrows) (former gift item)
Tank and Shorts: ETD, Sleep Tank and Shorts (Pink) (no longer available)
Shape: My own.
Pose: (Miyoko Magic), Express yourself 2
Second pic taken at: Hide & Seek sim

Bag It Up

I’m featuring a couple of items in today’s look, the base of it is of course the dress. This is the Anna Mini from E! – Eclectic Apparel and Accessories by Eclectric Wingtips. I love the neckline on it, if I could guarantee everything would stay in place while wearing it, I would look for something just like it in the real world. The dress comes in 11 colors which means there is really one for just about everyone. Each dress costs L$ 225 but you can also get the fatpack of all of them for L$ 1200, which gives you a huge discount.

The other item that jumps out at you is this sweet straw bag from Je Suis called Insouciant (which means carefree in French, if you were wondering). Julia Merosi knows that a woman often has to carry an enormous amount of things with her, and this bag can certainly hold them all! It’s available in 5 natural tones for L$ 250 each. Each bag comes with 3 attachment points complete with a corresponding hold pose. You can also carry it on your shoulder or forearm, which looks very chic European to me.


Hair: [e], Fresh – Blonde 07
Skin: LeLutka, AVA_lgt-250910(LBrows) (former gift item)
Eyes: Ibanez, Ltd Edition Natural Eyes – Grey
Lashes: Iris’ Eyelash tattoo
Necklace: *ByKay*, ~Lady Forest~ Necklace (part of set)
Dress: e!, Anna Mini (Blush)
Bag: ::je suis::insouciant::bag black
Brcelet: *ByKay*, ~Lady Forest~ Bracelet (part of set)
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear, Prima
Shape: My own.
Pose: Bag’s included pose.

Wear Purple Day

October 20th has been declared Wear Purple Day to raise awareness about the bullying that LGBT teens go through, especially considering the recent amount of suicides of youth going through this. I am a big supporter of this cause as some of the closest people to me are part of the LGBT community. Bullying people for their sexuality is akin to bullying people based on race, gender, disabilities…all things we cannot change about ourselves.

If you support the right for youths to live without fear of harrassment or bullying because of whom they are, join us and wear purple today!

Pictured left to right: myself, Johnn Balzibo and Clementine Ishtari.

Sonique Glam

Yesterday, Je Suis by Julia Merosi released her first new hairstyle under this brand (there were a couple under the Bax Coen Designs brand previously). This style is called Sonique and the store uses a system that is a bit different than others. Here you buy from 1 to 5 individual wigs and then you choose from 20 colors what it will be with a HUD. Once you color the hair it is set like that permanently so you get a demo one to play around with and experiment with. Once you apply the color you want, you drop the hair onto the ground and take it back. Now you can resize it as normal and it is copyable as well. The hair packs are priced as follows: 1 hair = L$ 129, 2 hairs = L$ 199, 3 hairs = L$ 229, 4 hairs = L$ 299 and 5 hairs = L$ 329. The colors range from blonds, reds, browns, to the darkest tones. The style of Sonique is sort of like weaving, not that different from braids. It doesn’t come with a hair-base but it works with all the hair-base skins I tried, as well as tattoo layers. If this style is an indication of what else Je Suis will release in it’s hair range, I can’t wait!


Hair: ::je suis::, HairCare::Sonique
Skin: LAQ, Mima 01 [Peach] Glow Skin (hairbase)
Earrings: Cad & Tart, Eden Earrings (from Eden Collection)
Eyes: Ibanez, ColorGlow Eyes – Elrond
Lashes: Iris’ Eyelash tattoo
Dress: Zaara, Acira short dress *nude* (Call for Couture festival)
Tights: *Sheer*, Tights Zebra Black
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Prestige Boots Black Suede
Bag: LeLutka, WALLETbag/silver
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model162

Je Suis Sophistique

“Je Suis Sophistique” means I am sophisticated, and while I attempted to look somewhat sophisticated for the occasion, I must admit I am a bit of a cheater. Je Suis by Julia Merosi recently released fully prim lashes as well as the Sophistique jewelry pieces. The problem…well, I am terrible at editing fully prim lashes – it took me just about forever to edit one eye because between being unable to concentrate, editing little prims, and watching TV; well it wasn’t going to be done tonight. When my attention can be focused I’ll get to the other eye. A good tip to editing is to make a copy and add something to the name to indicate it has been edited. The lashes cost L$ 250 but are well worth it if you can be patient (unlike me).

All the jewelry that you see, Sophistique, comes in 2 “sets” of colors that you can buy as separate items in a lighter or darker version. Each version is color change, by clicking on the individual pieces you can change the color of the pearls and metal and turn glow on or off. You can buy the bracelets for L$ 149, necklaces for L$ 249 and earrings for L$ 149.


Hair: Truth, Padma – chestnut
Skin: LAQ, Mima06 [Peach] Glow Skin
Eyes: Ibanez ColorGlow Eyes – Celebros
Prim lashes: ::je suis::, Apparence::Lashes::No.001
Lash tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash tattoo
Jewelry: ::je suis::, sophistique dark:: earrings, necklace and bracelets
Dress: SYSY’s, Hush minidress – grays
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model188

Kunglers Extra Jewelry Makes Me Smile

Kunglers is a brand that I have followed and posted about several times on my blog. Some of my most favorite items from them are part of the Kunglers Extra line, which is their jewelry store. On Tuesday they released their latest set, Camelia in 3 colors, aluminum (which I am wearing), silver and golden. In each you get a gorgeous necklace and a matching pair of earrings.

I was also fortunate enough to see the releases to be exclusive only to the Jewelry Fair 2010, the Orquidea set in golden (as shown above) and lemon (shown below). My love for the Orquidea set in other colors is well documented, I used it on the current banner on the feed I co-own, Chic Critique! Visit Kunglers Extra at the fair with this limo ride 🙂

These pictures are unedited except for cropping so that you can see the true beauty in these pieces. The fair opens tomorrow October 8, 2010 so you will have to wait until then to get your hands on these exquisite items. The theme this year is Beauty and the Beast, so it should be very interesting to see! It’s also supporting Oxfam International, so no need to feel guilty about indulging in gorgeous jewelry, your purchases could very well help someone in need.


Hair: elikatira, Rumor 2 – Brown 08
Skin: LAQ, Mima 01 [Peach] Glow Skin
Eyes: Ibanez, ColorGlow Eyes – Celebros
Eyelashes: Iris’ Eyelash tattoo
Jewelry: Kunglers Extra, Camelia – aluminum, Orquidea – golden, and lemon
Top: KHUSH, Lace Minidress
Shape: My own
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model356

It’s Already Fall

I slipped into my first fall look today, which I suppose is fitting being that it’s October 1. I suppose it’s one of those look of the day posts, but there are a couple of great items I wanted to mention. Firstly, we have the new hairstyle from Elikapeka Tiramisu, formally of ETD. She’s started her own line of hair once again, however there are only 2 for sale at the moment which are available on the SL Marketplace. The great thing about Elika’s hair has always been the great choice of colors, styles and the ability to buy packs with natural hair colors for those who change their mind about what color to wear on a daily basis – like myself.

Ibanez is having a grand re-opening today at 6PM SLT, so I decided to wear one of their new eye collections – SmoothGlow. I love that these eyes come as the traditional texture and as prim eyes so you can wear a different color on each eye. The new eyes come in natural colors, brights and pastels, so there is something for everyone. The grand re-opening party isn’t for a few hours so the sim won’t be available until then, but once 6PM rolls around you can hop over with this teleport.


Hair: [elikatira], Rumor – Brown 04
Skin: Mother Goose, HENA(2)B0 (lucky board)
Eyes: Ibanez, SmoothGlow Eyes – Cumin
Lashes: Iris’ Eyelash tattoo
Earrings: [alaMood], Soho Jade Earrings
Coat: *FIR & MNA*, Duffle Coat Seasons Women (hunt item for The Seasons Hunt)
Tank top: fri.day, Traveler’s.Tank (Brown)
Jeans: *LP*, Inna jeans blue
Boots: Bax Coen Desings, BAX Prestige Boots Brown Leather
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model342