I Might Be A “Kit” On The Inside

LeLutka's Kit in the Pearl Tone

Just a few days ago the latest skin line from LeLutka was released, called Kit. Also, a new line of sculpted eyelashes came out at the same time, and they are gorgeous! The lashes are edited in clusters instead of lash by lash, and there are no alphas to interfere with hairstyles. These complement the youthful face of Kit perfectly, but could suit any other skin line as well.

LeLutka's Kit in the Golden Tone

The skin line comes in 5 tones, each pack comes with a base skin and 7 makeups, for L$ 3000. The tones range from the pale Pearl to the deep bronze of Raizin. With each skin I am showcasing, I matched one of the new eyelashes, the first is the curl style, the second was natur and the third is the long (and luscious!)

LeLutka's Kit in the Raizin Tone

I think this line could suit so many types, but why not try a demo and see for yourself?


Skins: LeLutka, Kit/PEARL-Makeup4; Kit/GOLDEN-Makeup7; Kit/RAIZIN-Makeup5
Hair: fri.day, Joanna.2 – Passionate Red
Eyes: Ibanez, ColorGlow Eyes – Rohan
Lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl; 2011 lashes/natur; 2011 lashes/long
Top: Allure Mirror, Polka Dress (red)
Shape: My own.
Pose: Glitterati, 007


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