KittyCatS – The Most Adorable Pets!

This week a new breed-able pet will make it’s way into Second Life© – cats called KittyCatS! They are sweet collared kittens that you feed, raise, cuddle, and yes – can breed. They act more like real pets than any other pets I’ve seen so far!

Currently these cats are residing on the sim, taking over several areas and generally just lazy about. The sim was designed to look like Central Park (in New York City) and it’s relaxing park areas are gorgeous – perfect for pictures or relaxing.

One of the people behind the sim and KittyCatS is Callie Cline, who did all the artwork/textures for the cats. There are orange tabbies, gray tabbies, gray kittens, Siamese kittens and possibly more as I didn’t get to see them all.

You buy the kitties in these packages shown above: 1 boy or girl kitten with 1 week of food (L$ 298), a pair of kitties with 1 week of food (L$ 599), 2 pairs of kitties with food and milk for 2 weeks (L$ 1500) or 5 pairs of kitties with food and milk for 2 weeks (L$ 4500).

I didn’t want to give up this guy named Mittens that I got to cuddle while I previewed the sim, so I’ll jump at the chance to buy them when the store is open to the public later this week. I’m so excited  – there are tons of cute accessories for them, so I know this will be my new obsession! You can join the subscribe-o when the store opens, or the in world group “KittyCats Addicts”.


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