Hanging Around In My Undies

It’s so freaking hot out that most days all I want to do is hang around in my undies. Unfortunately, I usually have a window open so letting the world see my frilly things isn’t really that appealing. At least in SL I can walk around in my bra and panties with only a minor amount of teasing from my friends and family.

Actually, my skin and undies are from a new store that I just heard about a couple days ago: iCandy by Violet Tryce. The Loryn YUMMY skin is currently free to the VIP Group members, so you’ll want to run over and grab that ASAP – it comes in 4 tones with various eyebrow and cleavage options. The undies are the Sex Kitten Bra -n- Undies which come in a variety of colors. The plunging shape of the undies give you more of an hourglass shape, this pretty much guarantees you’ll have people groveling at your feet when they see you in this set.

You might also notice my boots, these are one of the latest releases from Bax Coen Designs, the Vogue Leopard boots, which is basically a leopard print in 4 non-traditional color combinations. I might not really wear these with my underwear, but hey, together they give you a sexy, confident, feeling; and that’s always good in my book.


Hair: RAW HOUSE, Lauren – TSH (The Seasons Hunt item)
Skin: iCandy, LIMITED EDITION Loryn-Nougat-Lt Brow-YUMMY-CLV
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Cloud
Undies: iCandy, Sex Kitten Bra -n- Undies – Light Purple with White Hearts
Bangles: je suis…, grande::all color::bangles
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Prestige Boots Vogue Leopard
Shape: My shape.
Pose: Olive Juice, Long Hair 4


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