Hair Fair 2013: Bandana Day Kits Available Now!


Every year, as a part of Hair Fair, there is a day where we shed our hair and wear bandanas in support of those who have lost their hair due to illness or treatments – this year it’s July 28, 2013. Anyone can make a bandana and have it put up for sale along with those done by designers! The kits are provided for free, and each bandana is sold for L$ 50 (with transfer permissions, so you can gift them). This year the base bandanas are mesh and were created by Mel Vanbeeck with easy retexturing in mind – the UV’s were made with a square in mind. If you’d like a kit, please contact Sasy Scarborough in-world.

Please note: since these bandanas will be set for sale, you need to have full perm items for decorating, as they cannot be sold otherwise. Completed bandanas need to be sent to CharitySasy String by July 3, 2013 so that they have plenty of time to be bought.

Any questions about the kits, bandanas, or Bandana Day can be directed to Sasy Scarborough or Whimsy Winx.

For more information on Hair Fair 2013, check out the official blog:


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