Winter is pretty much here, in my part of the real world. I’ve put together a quick post today using the beginning of winter as the theme, and using 2 items from the Peace On Earth Hunt 4. The first is this fun, pom-pom trimmed poncho from DCNY! I love a good poncho, and this one comes with a convenient alpha layer and is able to be modded so you’ll be able to wear it, no matter your size.

This brings us to the second hunt item, my skin from Rockberry! The winged eyeliner and deep red lips are very appropriate for the holiday season and comes in several tons with and without freckles. I’m wearing the Natural tone in the pictures, but they come from pale to dark.

The POE4 hunt runs until January 3, 2012 and if you want to find out more about it, you can have a look at their blog.


Hair: lamb., Isolation – Honeycomb Root
Skin: Rockberry, Apple/POE4 Gift
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Sleet/M
Poncho: DCNY, Cozy Poncho_Sky *POE Exclusive*
Tights: Kyoot, Hollander Leggings (Grey)
Boots: Hoorenbeek, Winter Boots – Lilac
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model552


Sweater Weather

As soon as October hits, I seem to always feel cold. In this case; a nice, warm, sweater does the trick! Even better, this sweater is the free lucky chair item from Argyle Anonymous! So I decided to make up a autumn appropriate outfit starting with it. Brown and orange always remind me of fall and the colors of the changing leaves so I went in that direction with my accessories, except for the cute new necklace I got.

This Native American pouch necklace is really unique in design, and when I got it from Elemental Earth Designs, I knew I had to make sure it showed in a blog post. There are 8 designs inspired by 4 native cultures, and each necklace comes in a long and short version for only L$ 150. I adore ethnic items, so this is going to show up in my daily wear often I think.


Hair: Truth, Luana – clove
Skin: LAQ, Maria – 02 [Fair] Glow Skin
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Cloud
Necklace: *EED*, Ethnicity Pouch~ Native American 1
Sweater: Argyle Anonymous, Seasons Sweater Fall (lucky chair item)
Skirt: Argyle Anonymous, Denim Skirt with Patches
Bag: Lucy In Disguise, Night Owl Box Purse – Orange
Boots: LeLutka, REN/Brown (mesh)
Shape: My own.
Poses: Olive Juice, Long hair 1 and Long Hair 4

Hanging Around In My Undies

It’s so freaking hot out that most days all I want to do is hang around in my undies. Unfortunately, I usually have a window open so letting the world see my frilly things isn’t really that appealing. At least in SL I can walk around in my bra and panties with only a minor amount of teasing from my friends and family.

Actually, my skin and undies are from a new store that I just heard about a couple days ago: iCandy by Violet Tryce. The Loryn YUMMY skin is currently free to the VIP Group members, so you’ll want to run over and grab that ASAP – it comes in 4 tones with various eyebrow and cleavage options. The undies are the Sex Kitten Bra -n- Undies which come in a variety of colors. The plunging shape of the undies give you more of an hourglass shape, this pretty much guarantees you’ll have people groveling at your feet when they see you in this set.

You might also notice my boots, these are one of the latest releases from Bax Coen Designs, the Vogue Leopard boots, which is basically a leopard print in 4 non-traditional color combinations. I might not really wear these with my underwear, but hey, together they give you a sexy, confident, feeling; and that’s always good in my book.


Hair: RAW HOUSE, Lauren – TSH (The Seasons Hunt item)
Skin: iCandy, LIMITED EDITION Loryn-Nougat-Lt Brow-YUMMY-CLV
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Cloud
Undies: iCandy, Sex Kitten Bra -n- Undies – Light Purple with White Hearts
Bangles: je suis…, grande::all color::bangles
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Prestige Boots Vogue Leopard
Shape: My shape.
Pose: Olive Juice, Long Hair 4

A Seasonally Appropriate Wedding

With just about a week and a half until Halloween, I thought I better start getting in the mood with this post even though the traditional sentiment behind a wedding is very far from that of Halloween. At least, in most cases…I’ve heard of people getting married in cemeteries before so I thought it would be very seasonally appropriate to have a spookier setting (no offense to the dearly departed is intended).

A Seasonally Appropriate Wedding

I’m wearing the latest wedding dress called the Kira Bridal Gown from Eternity Brides by Seldom Blue which is being released to celebrate the opening of the new mini-store on the Eostara sim. The all over pattern reminds me of snowflakes or perhaps the North Star. With winter right around the corner, either is appropriate really; especially with the color of the detailing and the flouncy, romantic, style. For the price of L$ 1300 you get the top on all layers, glitch pants, system skirt, optional underwear style (for after the wedding, rawr!), prim skirt, optional prim train and prim veil. I should note that the veil attaches to the nose which is the most common attachment point for eyelashes, so you may need to edit one or the other if you intended to wear both. Worried about the price? Fear not! All Eternity Brides gowns have demos in the store so you know what you’re getting before making that very important purchase.

A Seasonally Appropriate Wedding

As always, there are a few special deals going on at this location as well (not the mainstore). The first is the Kira Bridal Lingerie set which differs from the one that transforms from the gown. The bra and panties can be worn alone, or with several versions of prim attachments for only L$ 100 and the stockings are included.

A Seasonally Appropriate Wedding

For all you bargain hunters, there is also a special dollarbie out – the Kira Tutu Dress. For L$ 1 you get the dress with it’s prim attachments in a sweet pink-purple with black and white accents. Maybe this will be the dress that leads you to finding Mr. Right?

If either of these special offers interests you, you better teleport over to the store as soon as possible as both are out for a limited time only – the Bridal Lingerie will be going up to full price shortly!

Credits: (for my photo)

Hair: Novocaine Hair, Antionette – mocha
Skin: [the oBscene], Group Gift Xena/Brown brows
Dress and veil: Eternity Brides by Seldom Blue, Kira Bridal Gown
Earrings: Muse, Celestine Diamond Frost Earrings
Necklace: Muse, The Dauphine Necklace (silver/frost)
Shape: My own.
Pose: *Luth* movement 8 (now Reel Expression)

Picture taken at: Transylvania’s Cemetary

Sexy Seldom Blue at SXY2ND

Sexy Seldom Blue at SXY2ND

IndigoBlue Dagostino of Seldom Blue alerted me to the fact that the SXY2ND sim has recently been taken over by new management and will not be closing. To celebrate this fact, her store location on that sim has 2 special offers which are only available at that satellite store – not the mainstore location.

I’m wearing the Evangeline gown which is currently on promotion for L$ 1oo, but don’t be fooled by this picture, you get more than this one variation, in fact you get everything you see in the ad below:

Sexy Seldom Blue at SXY2ND

That is at least 3 looks you can put together, more if you remove the frilly arm pieces. I was in a SXY mood today, so I chose to wear the more revealing version. However, I did match it with a more modest post courtesy of Glitterati, which is offering a set of 10 poses for free in honor of October being breast cancer awareness month (there’s also the option to make a donation to the cause). Pink is also the trademark color of breast cancer awareness, so it made perfect sense to pair the two.

But that’s not all folks! Oh no, if you know Seldom Blue, you know that they regularly offer great L$ 1 deals, and this is no exception. This time around you get the mini-dress version in a gorgeous blue shade as seen here:

Sexy Seldom Blue at SXY2ND

Both promotional offers will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to run over as soon as possible to get yours!


Hair: Truth, Trisha – Chocolate
Skin: LeLutka, LondonRevolutionLight-makeup8b
Earrings: Muse, Celestine Diamond Frost Earring
Dress: Seldom Blue, Evangeline Gown 100L Offer
Bracelet: ~EC~, Cascade Platinum/Diamond bracelet
Shape: My own.
Pose: Glitterati, Breat Cancer Awareness – Singles 6

Picture taken at: Paris New York sim

And in case you’re interested, the SXY2ND sim is opening a new nightclub tomorrow (October 3, 2009) and I hear there will be lots of goodies from designers with shops located there, so go check it out and have a great weekend everyone!

Wedding Season Isn’t Over Yet!

I love a good wedding, in real life or Second Life©, it really doesn’t matter. The whole excitement of the event is great, but I’m very traditional in a sense, that the bride’s dress is one of the things I most look forward to seeing (and you know, getting loaded on free champagne). I think it’s great that more and more designers are taking wedding attire seriously, and so I was over the moon to see the newest bridal collection from Eternity Brides by Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino, Singsong Writer and Covenant Laval.

Wedding Season Isn't Over Yet!

This year the Florence Bridal Collection is selling for L$ 1300 which is L$ 200 less than last year’s collection. It’s described by the designers as featuring, ” a delicate lace bodice with sheer see through panels, emblazoned with tiny rose petals. The luscious full skirt comes with a rich opaque silk, layered with a shimmering see through scalloped lace.” It also is versatile enough to use after the wedding…but you can also purchase a full wedding night lingerie set for L$ 395 if you rather go that way. Also, there is a demo of the wedding dress available for L$ 1 which is great because not all wedding dresses (or clothing in general) suits every avatar and a demo is great way to find out before you spend the big bucks. I wish more designers would offer clothing demos.

Wedding Season Isn't Over Yet!

By the way, there are also 2 special offers in the bridal store right now  – once again something special for L$ 100 and one for L$ 1! This cute dress ensemble could be worn in so many ways and for many occasions so for L$ 1oo it really is quite the steal.

Wedding Season Isn't Over Yet!

Speaking of steals, not only is L$ 1 an awesome price for anything, but this lingerie set is just as beautifully detailed as everything else in the store, so go on and pick it up!

All of the bridal items can be found upstairs, the staircase is at the rear of the mall, and the offers are in the main bridal gown room upstairs,  straight ahead, on the wall by the ”FLORENCE’ sign. I hope that helps avoid any confusion 🙂

Personal note: Lately my RL has been quite busy and my scheduling is all over the place. Because of this I want to stress that any items sent to me for review are appreciated, but I cannot guarantee I will have time to blog them. If you send along your own pictures, this makes Kalia a happy girl, as it saves me quite some time although I do inspect the items in world. Thanks for your understanding and my apologies.

You Can’t Be Blue In Seldom Blue

You Can't Be Blue In Seldom Blue

I’ve done a number of posts on items from Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino in the past and have always been surprised by her range in style. I was therefore naturally happy to hear that the store would be having it’s very first fashion show presented by Ewing Fashion Agency this weekend on Sunday, August 16 at 12PM SLT. I was also saddened because I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it having made previous plans in real life. Luckily for me, IndigoBlue very graciously gave me this dress to show you all. Don’t be jealous, IndigoBlue and the Seldom Blue brand are consistently generous, this dress can also be yours for free, if you attend the show on Sunday! I hear there might also be a few other goodies for those who are able to make it.

I absolutely adore this dress, from the color and the print, to the cut and the character of it. It’s called the Sylvia Silk Dress and I don’t know who Sylvia is, but she’s one lucky lady to have this beauty named after her. I would have paid a pretty amount for this dress so I hope I have done it some amount of justice here.

Curious about what you might see at the show? Well here’s some more info from the official press release: “The Seldom Blue Fashion show will involve a variety of different designs from their collection which will include new releases,  followed by the bridal collection. You will have a chance to have a peek at the fabulous new sexy lingerie and premiere release gowns.”

You can find more info about the show and the Seldom Blue brand on their blog.


Dress: Seldom Blue, Sylvia Silk Dress Gift
Hair: LeLutka, Tallulah hair L – Chestnut Brown
Skin: LeLutka, LondonRevolutionPale-makeup1b
Earrings: Seldom Blue, Diamond Daisy Earring Gold (part of Isabella Wedding Grown in Cream outfit)
Necklace: Muse, Heart Lariat Necklace (no longer available)
Bracelet: ::69::, Sprinkles Bracelet – Gold
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Mary Jane Sandal (Tan-Brown)
Shape: My own.
Pose: Reel Expression, *Luth* Sultry 06

Picture taken at: The Lost Gardens of Apollo

A Few Of My Favorite Things

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I guess I’ve been in a mood to blog the things I really love lately – and this has led to other things being backed up. Folders have gone missing, inventory has been lost as well, and I’m tired of searching for things. So, I’m sticking to a few of my favorite things for the moment and hope you find my recent looks at least a little bit inspriring/fun/exciting or the positive descriptive word of your choice.

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Pink and turquoise is pretty much my favorite color combination, aside from pink and black. So, pink, turquoise and black is the natural progression, n’est ce pas? I know the newest items from LeLutka have been all over the blogs and feeds, but I have to expose you to it again because I LOVE THIS DRESS! Not only is the Nadia dress cute and stylish (and in my favorite colors) but it comes with 2 versions of the prim dress bottom, one with a compatible AO so you don’t have parts of your body poking out of the prims.

Simple black accessories tied this look together, and I pretty much just ransack my whole inventory until I found the pieces that worked for me. I’m sure this is what all the best bloggers do…right? The final finishing touch was this group gift skin from Vive9. It’s sweet and fresh-faced look made it the perfect match for the occasion – which was no occasion at all.


Hair: ::69::, MYUMY – Pink
Skin: (vive9), Maya [light] Pure Rose Skin (currently a group gift)
Earrings: Chloe, Black Drop Earrings
Necklace: Kunglers, part of the Nina outfit
Dress: LeLutka, NADIA dress in plumviolet
Bangles: The Plastik, Noir Bangle- Mess-Multiple (Dead Town freebie)
Shoes: Shiny Thing, Party Pumps – aqua/black
Shape: My own.
Poses: AnaLu, *fresh poses* 444 and 427 (close-up)

Picture taken at: Cafe Gamma

Sh*t For Sale!

Sh*t For Sale!

Yep, you read that right! But it’s really cute sh*t – and it’s not for sale until tomorrow…but I know you’ll mark it on your calendar and get right on it when the doors open tomorrow, July 31st at 12 PM SLT @ Sh*t Happens by Ana Boogiewoogie.

Sh*t For Sale!

I mixed and matched the pieces in a sort of odd, Kalia-style. And if you don’t like it, well that’s cool but it’s a shame cause everyone knows I got some sh*tty style. Okay, I think I’ve put enough censored words in this post. Anyway, both the looks are mainly comprised of pieces from SH including the skins I am wearing. I’ve got only two tones on, but there are 2 others as well. You can tell that everything is hand-drawn, so if you like that style, then items from Sh*t Happens should be staples of your inventory. My absolute favorite is the Kellie skirt, it just screams “Kalia is so frickin’ cute!”

Sh*t For Sale!

Since the pieces were basically a mix of black, white and grey, I thought I’d punch it up with a few colorful accents and shoot the pictures somewhere brightly decorated for contrast. Fret not though, all the clothing I’m wearing comes in a bunch of other colors so whatever your palette preference you’ll be able to find something that suits you.

Sh*t For Sale!

Before I forget, all the skins  come in a freckled and non-freckled version, which I think it super sweet…freckles always seem to make me feel a bit more playful – sometimes in this more tomboyish way, or sometimes in a cutesy way – but either way spells fun if you ask me. So, check out the new sh*t at Sh*t Happens tomorrow, and I hear you’ll be able to get a freebie version of that stellar skirt I like so much. But you didn’t hear that from me…

Credits for pictures 1 and 2:

Hair: Truth, Jess – chestnut (freebie/dollarbie)
Skin: Sh*t Happens, Sh*t Happens Skin – Emi – Tan – Smoked
Necklace: Miriel, Tree of Life Necklace – Silver/Emerald (store closed now)
Jacket: Sh*t Happens, Kellie Grey Blazer (jacket layer)
Tank top: Sh*t Happens, Lace Tank – White (shirt and underpants layers)
Skirt: Sh*t Happens, Kellie Black Wavey Cotton Skirt (also comes with a version without the bow)
Socks: Sh*t Happens, Sh*t Happens Socks – Grey (black)
Bangles: LeLutka, Resin Bangles – Citron – by Miabella
Sandals: *HUB*, Venus Sandals in Noir
Shape: My own.
Pose: AnaLu, *fresh poses* 501

Credits for pictures 3 and 4:

Hair: Truth, Babyhoney – Fudge
Skin: Sh*t Happens, Sh*t Happens Skin – Emi – Pale – Freckled – Smoked
Necklace: Petal Meg, Colleus Pendant Necklace
Top: Sh*t Happens, Grey Bobbie Boatneck (undershirt and underpants layers)
Belt: Sh*t Happens, Sh*t Happens Waistbelt – Black (jacket layer)
Shorts: Sh*t Happens, Bobbie Silver Zebra Print Bike Shorts
Socks: Sh*t Happens, Sh*t Happens Socks – Black (white)
Bag: .::FabulouS::., Record Bag (possible freebie/dollarbie)
Shoes: ::Duh!::, Color Change  Checks/Black Sneakers (freebie/dollarbie)
Shape: My own.
Poses: *Luth*, sex sells 4 and *Luth*, Fashion S4 12

Pictures taken at: Tableau

Getting my Chinese On (or Something Like It…)

Getting my Chinese On (or Something Like It...)

I haven’t been the best at keeping up to date with things lately, but since BabyDoll LaFontaine so graciously sent me her newest release I figured I’d step back into my blogging shoes and do a little write up. The Cherry Blossom dress comes in 5 colors: Black (worn), Pink, Purple, Red and Blue – which is currently the free color in her store, BabyDoll’s. I’m pretty sure that you’ll want to pick that up while you still can. Each dress comes with the top and bottom pieces on multiple layers, plus the long system skirt and a short prim skirt.

Getting my Chinese On (or Something Like It...)

Currently everything at the mainstore is on sale at 50% off until August 31, 2009 so each color of the dress is selling for the great bargain price of L$ 1oo! The thing I liked best about this dress, besides the price tag of course, is the sexy high slit on the thigh, which works with both the short and long skirt options. It shows off what you’re working with, without it going over the top, something most of us really appreciate!


Skin: LeLutka, London Light – makeup 9b

Hair: LeLutka, Mirella Hair – Chocolate Brown

Earrings: Junk, Dirty Brass Chandeliers

Shoes: Maitreya, Slinky Stilettos in Black

Poses: AnaLu, *fresh poses* 476 and 423