She Is A Devil

A few days ago I made it to one of those themed sales areas, Grunge Soul Project, for the very first time. I got a few items there for a steal, and then put together this look starting with them. I picked up some sunnies from a brand I wasn’t very familiar with, Elygo, for only L$ 100! They are amazing quality, and can change the tint of the lenses.

I also picked up a set of 3 dark lipsticks with a sort of tattoo print on the lower lip, from .Pekka. for only L$ 75. I was told by a friend that black would make me look the most bad-ass, so here we go…my bad girl, she-devil, look.


Hair: Shag, Pussy Galore (roots) – afterglow
Skin: Aura, Bliar – c88 – Ultra Violet – Cream (at Collabor88)
Sunglasses: Elygo, Sunglasses Racing Black (GSP) (at Grunge Soul Project)
Lip Tattoo: .Pekka., HOMICIDAL Lipstick Grunge Edition (at Grunge Soul Project)
Jacket: The Boutique, Seam Detail Lambskin Jacket – Black
Gloves: mijn.t, [Cirque du Ballet] bodysuit 7 gloves in Black (part of outfit)
Leather bracelets: *Urbanity* Leather Bands
Spike cuff: no longer available
Bodysuit: Kyoot, Idolatry Top & Bodysuit (White)
Leggings: Addict, She Devil Biker Leggings/Babe
Boots: Gos, MESH Triumph Boots in Black
Shape: My own.
Poses: Miamai, Model Pose Editorial 08; and Ampersand, Xena Onatop

Hot Shot

It might be funny to some people, but sometimes a simple and refined outfit can be sexier than anything that lets your bits n’ pieces hang out. To be honest, I felt like a real babe while taking these photos! I love the new mesh items from Celoe, and I rushed to get this Kyra jumpsuit as soon as I saw it. Hot pink is one of my staple colors, and this is totally on point for summer. Check out the new Mayfair sim, it’s a gorgeous mesh build – but I expect it to be busy for the next few days!

Also, I bet you noticed my luscious new blonde mane. I’m part lion actually…just kidding! This is the Pussy Galore hair from Shag and it’s so fabulous – it’s like big sex hair meets wild woman, meets Miami hottie. It’s big and beautiful and makes me feel like a million bucks, what else can you ask for in hair? It fits with my 70’s South Beach look, but it can go avant-garde or girl next door. Love it!


Hair: Shag, Pussy Galore (roots) – bombshell
Eyes: IKON, Utopia Eyes – Light Hazel (at Fashion For Life)
Prim lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Eyelash tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Jumpsuit: Celoe, Kyra Suit. cabaret
Bag: District, Aya Clutch/DistressedRed (no longer open)
Shoes: N-core, CAPRICE “Champagne” (at Fashion for Life)
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model447

FFL: Wild Woman At Heart

I couldn’t really come up with a good title for this post, but with my look I sort of felt a bit wild. I am wearing a few items being sold at the Fashion For Life fair, the first is this dress called Lilli by Miamai, which is exclusive to the event. The skirt panel is mesh instead of the standard prim, so it moves with your avatar and looks a lot nicer and less noticeable. This is just one of the items they have out with 100% of the proceeds going to the Relay For Life charity.

The scarf I am wearing is also by Miamai, called Kila. It is actually a gacha item that you can play to win, and comes in numerous colors. It might be hard to tell in the photo, but there’s a cute jeweled pin on it too, so it’s almost like a necklace. My bright new light hazel eyes are from IKON, and are one of their donation items at the FFL fair as well. I have been looking for a pair of hazel eyes that I would really love, and these are a perfect new color in the Utopia line. Plus, they only cost L$ 100, so if you can’t afford something bigger, this would be a great option.

If you want to visit Miamai’s booth at FFL, please take the ride to the sim from here. And to visit IKON, please use this link. If you would like to learn more about Fashion for Life, please visit the official website:


Hair: Shag, Sylph – kitten (former TSH item)
Skin: Al Vulo!, natalie * amidala
Eyes: IKON, Utopia Eyes – Light Hazel
Prim Lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Eyelash Tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Scarf: Miamai, Kila Scarf Black  (Gacha item)
Dress: Miamai, Lilli RFL FineDay (exclusive)
Earring: FINESMITH, Yeriak Inspiration Earrings
Bracelet: FINESMITH, Yeriak Inspiration Bracelet
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, Bax Prestige Boots Black Latex
Shape: My own
Poses: {Just A Pose}, Simply Hippy – Snappy Straps and, model.pose 21

FFL Preview: [My Dear] Hygeia Skins

I am really happy to be a blogger for Fashion For Life, besides being able to get in and shop early, I get to discover new brands and bring them to you so you can add them to your shopping list! I had heard about [My Dear] skins previously, but never had a chance to try them out. Today I got to have a look at the new Hygeia line being released tomorrow (March 10, 2012) at the FFL fair. The make-up I am featuring in this post (#7) is specifically made for the event and the proceeds will go to the Relay for Life, which supports cancer research by the American Cancer Society.

Here we have a better look at the faces of the skin, the lips have a fantastic, juicy gloss on them in a vibrant pink. Happily, this is exactly the kind of make-up I pick for myself! The tones shown above are:

  • Hygeia Skin – Medium 7
  • Hygeia Skin – Pale 7
  • Hygeia Skin – Tan 7
  • Hygeia Skin – Deeptan 7

Visit [My Dear]’s booth on the sim sponsored by Tres Beau, it’s not far from the landing point! If you want to learn more about Fashion For Life, make sure to check out the official website:


All Skins by: [My Dear] as noted above.
Hair: elikatira, Charmed – Brown 04
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom, Clarus Eyes – Elikateal
Prim lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Eyelash Tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Earrings: Phoebe ~Piercings & more~, Monica Earrings ~Bronze~
Lingerie: CandyDoll, Sweet Lingerie (BabyBlue)
Shoes: Ingenue, Organique Flats :: Droplet
Shape: My own.
Poses: *EverGlow*, Model367 and Model368

Fashion For Life Preview: Renae Purple By Ashli Designs

Every year a very important event happens, one that benefits the Relay For Life charity. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s called Fashion For Life and this year the event spans 10 sims and there are items for sale which donate a portion or the total profits to help support cancer research. The gown I am wearing in this photo is the Renae Purple gown by Ashli Designs, which is one of the items specifically for this fair.

The fair only opens on March 10, 2012 but you can bookmark this post for future reference, and if you like this gown you can check it and the other designs by Ashlison Aboma at the sim sponsored by AngelWing, in the Ashli Designs booth. You can also find out more about the event on the official blog:


Hair: Truth, Padma – snow (former 10.10.10 special item)
Skin: Glam Affair, Linn Snow White – Xmas gift (former gift)
Gown  with gloves: Ashli Designs, Renae Purple
Jewelry: Kunglers Extra, Perola – abalone
Tights: Reale, Free Tights
Shape: My own
Pose: STaTUS, TheStystem5


All Skins from: Hush, as credited above.
Hair: elikatira, Soft – Brown08
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom, Clarus Eyes – Elikateal
Prim lashes: LeLtuka, 2011 lashes/curl
Eyelash Tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash tatoo
Necklace: KessKreations, Vixie Chocolate Pearl Necklace
Undies: Koketka, Lingerei – Sofia (pink)
Shoes: Ingenue, Organique Flats :: Straw (mesh item)
Shape: My own.
Poses: *everGlow*, Model555 and 547

Donna Flora A to Z: L is for LIALA

Donna Flora is a brand that immediately brings certain words to mind: feminine, flirty, romantic, and imaginative. I have had a few items in my inventory for some time but can’t really recall mentioning them in a post. It was terribly remiss of me, and then I heard about the the Donna Flora A to Z project which was being organized by Cajsa Lillehook, and knew I had to take part in this homage to an incredibly talented designer recovering from a serious illness.

Squinternet Larnia has created items that tend to boarder more on a vintage style, but there is also a great selection of jewelry and shoes. When browsing her store I saw this fun and somewhat coquette dress – LIALA. I knew that my post would then be dedicated to the letter L and how this dress makes me feel, like I want to “Live out LOUD!” I hope that Squinternet will be able to see all our messages of support and love, and will keep her spirits high in this difficult time, knowing that so many are thinking of her.


Hair: lamb., Our Deal – Honeycomb Ombre
Bow: Elate!, Group Gift – Silk Bow Headband (former group gift)
Skin: Pink Fuel, Alyx <Honey> – Candy Hearts
Lip tattoo: Pink fuel, Elly cosmetics Glam Lipstick/Teeth
Eyes: IKON, Utopia Eyes – Light Blue + Rust
Prim lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Eyelash tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Dress: Donna Flora, LIALA green peach
Necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry, Owl Necklace
Bracelet: =HooT=, Cherry Blossom Bracelets
Socks: Kyoot, Lacey White Knee Socks
Boots: Gos, GTFO Boots in Bubblegum
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model439

I Am Strong

I have a fun look I put together last night when I saw some new items on plurk and the feeds that I had to have! The leather jacket is a new mesh item from {.essences.} and it comes in a bunch of colors. I went with black because it’s the most badass, and black can work with so many outfits. I also wanted to wear some ass-kicking boots, so I got the new ones from Gos, called Triumph. They too are mesh, and are available in several colors at the Festival of Sin – however, you can get them at the mainstore after the event I hear.

My skin is a group gift from Aura (which was previously known as Grixdale) and I am always happy to find another brand that suits my look! There is a fee to join the group but you get this skin in 2 tones at the moment and I suspect there will be other great stuff to come our way.


Hair: Truth, Kalia – Swedish
Skin: Aura, Helena – Love Notes – Caramel (group gift)
Eyes: IKON, Utopia Eyes – Light Blue + Rust
Prim lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes, curl
Eyelash tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Earrings: HoD, Bodiqua Mega Hoops – Silver (former group gift)
Necklace: Artilleri, Make A Wish Necklace (at Back to Black)
Jacket: {.essences.}, Bonnie Biker Jacket [Mesh – Black]
Top: Kyoot, Idolatry Bodysuit (White) (at Festival of Sin)
Belt: ~Pepper~, Andavi Belt – BROWN
Jeans: IMBUE, Ribbed Skinnies – Faded
Boots: Gos, MESH Triumph Boots in Black (at Festival of Sin)
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model350 and !bang, It’s all about the shoes 1

A Pink Halo

I was in a real “blah” mood yesterday when I decided to put a look together. The Festival of Sin is going on, and it’s a really fun event to shop at so I thought I’d use a few items from there. My look was going in the direction I was feeling though, so I thought my new pink hair from Alice Project would be a great way to perk it up! I got it in pink because I’ve decided to try branching out a bit more and being more playful with color choices. Plus, I love pink. I got the Kiera hairstyle at FoS (although it isn’t exclusive to the event), it comes in several shades of pink with tip options as well.

My shoes are also available at FoS, but are by Ingenue – a brand that I have consistently adored for years. These are called the Khan Heels, and they feature a metal toe and spikes on the heel of the shoe. They are MESH, so make sure that you have a mesh compatible viewer if you intend to purchase them.

Then I also remembered I had a bunch of items from FINESMITH that would fit this look completely, especially these earrings and a bracelet from the “love doesnt grow on trees” line. They have an almost cubist style to them, which makes them more of a casual or fantasy item. Also in the line are a fantastic necklaces, broach and ring and face decorations – why not check them out for yourself?


Hair: Alice Project, Kiera – Pink
Skin: Pink Fuel, Alyx <Honey> – Candy Hearts
Eyes: IKON, Utopia Eyes – Light Blue + Rust
Prim Lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Eyelash Tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Earrings: FINESMITH, love doesnt grow on trees earrings
Vest: MALT, FFL Lorelei Vest (former Fashion For Life special item)
Dress: The Sea Hole, Soft Exposure Ribbon Dress – Noir (former Collabor88 item)
Bracelet: FINESMITH, love doesnt grow on trees bracelet
Shoes: Ingenue: Khan Heels :: Bruise
Shape: My own.
Poses: *EverGlow*, Model514 and Model516

Goodbye Lover

I felt like doing a sort of more romantic look today, and I recently got the new “Milla” dress from alaskametro<3 (by Alaska Metropolitan) which automatically conjured up images in my head of a wonderful night with my sweet boyfriend. Lace is one of those fabrics that just always says “romance” to me.  This is a brand that is only on the marketplace currently, so here is a link to the store.

Then I got the new mesh clutch from FINESMITH in gold sequins, so a look was born. I found a spot that evoked that love-lorn feel I wanted to go for and here we are. Hope you like!


Hair: Exile: Leslie/brownsugar
Skin: Pink Fuel, Alyx <Honey> – Candy Hearts
Eyes: IKON, Utopia Eyes – Light Blue + Rust
Prim lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Lash tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash tattoo
Jewelry: je suis…, chic::SET (gold)
Dress: alaskametro<3, “Milla” lace dress in black
Boots: Miel, LIA Boots
Shape: My own.
Poses: *EverGlow*, Model511 and Model512

Tea With Myself

In this post I am showing all my lovely readers some of the new items available at the Back to Black Event presented by CHIC Management, which opens tomorrow (February 11, 2012). The event is intended to raise awareness about various mental health issues, and displays products from various designers in several themes, ie: Hope, Friendship, etc. Many people involved in the event; from designers to organizers, and bloggers as well, have revealed that they have a special connection to the issue of mental health – either suffering from some illness themselves, or loving someone who does. This isn’t a charity event, but a place for people to gather, shop and educate themselves about an issue that still carries a stigma.

I didn’t know exactly where to start with telling a story about the real person behind the avatar, but in real life I have suffered with eating disorders, depression and most recently: debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. I did the things my doctors told me, and I did things my own way. Then something happened nearly 2 years ago: a switch in my head went off and things started to look different to me. The fog of despair began to lift and I was able to become a more positive person. I am still on medication for my anxiety, I honestly feel like this is a result of years of abuse I did to my body resulting in a real change to my brain chemistry. Most days though, I am okay. I am better than okay a lot of them, and some years ago I thought that I would never be able to say that.

Lately, I’ve been having conversations with myself, instead of the negative things I used to tell myself, I’ve been telling myself how incredibly lucky I am to be where I am. A lot of people never feel emotionally “well”. I know many of them, and I thought I was destined to be one. I have felt like getting through each day was like being dragged through the worst pits of hell, and now I feel blessed to be alive. I guess my post isn’t about surviving, or about having membership to this “club” of people who have suffered with mental illness, but to say, there is hope. Talk to everyone you can about how you feel, don’t isolate yourself, and don’t be ashamed. You’re not weak, you are human – and the best thing about being alive is that tomorrow can bring something totally new.


Hair: LoQ Hair, Bourbon – Platinum (Back to Black Event item)
Skin: Curio, Shell Frex [Dark] Jasmine-Golden Rabbit 2
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis- Cocoa
Prim lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Lash tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Earrings: je suis…, chic SILVER earrings
Scarf and bodysuit: Nemesis – Friendship bodysuit white (Back to Black Event item)
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Prestige Boots White Latex
Shape: My own.
Table with tea set: Baffle!, [Teatime.] Waxed (Back to Black Event item)