Up To The Thigh

Well ladies and gents, it’s time for a look at an upcoming release at Bax Coen Designs!

up to the thigh

We have the new Regency boots coming out shortly at the store, and as someone who has worked for this brand for several years, I can’t tell you how excited I am for this new model! The picture above was taken with windlight and processed slightly in Photoshop. The boots come in several color options: white, cream, pink, plum, burgundy, red and the black that I am wearing.

up to the thigh 2

This second picture showing the boots without processing, using windlight and projector lights to add some shine – which I did for a specific reason. These boots are “materials ready” so if your viewer is capable of having materials enabled then you will see them with more of a glossy, realistic, leather sheen (sadly mine isn’t, so this is as close as possible). Also, you might be interested in knowing that these boots use a method that allows them to fit many SL avvies with 1 pair (although there are extra plus-sized and BBW versions included).

Excited now, too? Join the subscribe-o or in-world group to make sure you know as soon as they’re released!


Hair: Lamb, Our Deal – Honeycomb Ombre
Skin: Essences, CHO ~ light rose 02
Eyes: IKON, Lucid Eyes – Optimism (February 2013 VIP group gift)
Lashes: Beetlebones, Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black)
Necklace: Kunglers Extra, Marajora – wood (part of set)
Trench coat: Mon Tissu, Bristol Trench – Cream Beige
Tights: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Ornament Leggings Fishnet
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Regency Boots – Black Leather (out soon!)
Shape: My own.
Poses: Marukin, [rouge] say you’ll remember and [rouge] salade?

BTW: my friend Peace did a look with the cream boots over on her blog, Glam Hippie – check it out!


Hair Fair 2012: Get The Demos Early!

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward to Hair Fair 2012 with a passion! So if you want to see what is in store before the fair opens, join the Hair Fair DEMO Group! You can get the demos the day before the fair opens so that you can sort out which ones suit you and then spend your time at the fair actually buying all the hair you love. If you want to join, there is a group join board you can click here: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Deck/68/188/22 or paste secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about into chat, open the nearby chat, and click the link to open the group and join!

Reminder: Hair Fair 2012 Photo Contest

I bet everyone is getting geared up for Hair Fair 2012, but before that begins, there is the annual Photo Contest where you can show off your favorite hairstyles and possibly win a great prize. Today is the last day to enter, so make sure to join the Flickr Group and submit your pictures to it ASAP! Also be sure to read all the rules or you might not win because of it! 3 winners and 7 runners-up will also get early VIP access to the fair, so there is more than one reason to enter. This year prizes are being donated by a talented list of designers:

Adorkable Poses
Alli&Ali Designs
Calico Ingmann Creations
Damselfly Salon
DCNY Fashion
Discord Designs
Idiosyncrasy Skins
L+N Signature
Loovus Dzevavor
Mina Hair
Nikita Fride
Ploom Hair,Skin and Poses
Tameless Hair And Avatars
Tekeli-li! Dark Artistry
Urban Lutz Hair Creator
Vanity Hair
VR Foundry – VR Studio Posestand/Hud
WWinx Home & Garden

Good luck to all that enter!

Vintage Fair Post #3

The Vintage Fair is officially open! I’ve put together this third look using items from 3 designers. First is most noticeably my hair and dress; which are brand new from Baiastice for the fair. You can get it in the blue I’m wearing or black, brown, and red. I thought blue would be kind of nice to use since the color is very in this season.

My skin and eyes are from Sorry Asia and were included with a second pair of eyes, a shape and brow style for a special Vintage Fair avatar. I don’t typically use shapes my others so I wore my own on this occasion. You may also notice my bangle, which is from one of my go-to brands: je suis… it comes with a matching bangle for the other arm and is scripted to change the color of the center portion to one of 5 colors.

If you like what you see, teleport into the fair’s Retro sim, where all 3 booths are located. You can also check out the map and slurl list on the CHIC Management website.


Hair: elikatira, Alright – Black 04
Skin + Eyes: Sorry Asia, ALANA VINTAGE *Avatar*
Dress, hat and tights: Baiastice, Florance dress-blue
Bangle: je suis…, vintage::Bangles:: Vintage Fair 2011 Exclusive
Shoes: Bax Coen Designs, Bax Booties Contessa Gold
Poses: oOo Studio, oOo 1950’s_one; and legends_greta

Haruka Shape By Monzhi For Project FUR Japan

Project FUR Japan opens it’s doors to the public today (April 2, 2011) at 9PM SLT. There are a tons of nice things to see there, but for once I am going to do a little self promotion. This is the Haruka shape I made for the event, as a preview of the store I hope to open some times in the not so distant future – Monzhi. There is a demo available for free, so you can check it out before you buy. It costs L$ 150 and 100% of the proceeds go to charity.You can find it in the purple section, just take the path between the purple and green sections.

Project FUR Japan is raising money to donate to Japan Earthquake Animal and Rescue (JEARS) which is a combination of 3 no-kill shelter groups which have come together to help all those animals displaced and injured by the earthquakes.

To find out more about Project FUR Japan, you can check out the blog: http://projectfurjapan.wordpress.com/

KittyCatS – The Most Adorable Pets!

This week a new breed-able pet will make it’s way into Second Life© – cats called KittyCatS! They are sweet collared kittens that you feed, raise, cuddle, and yes – can breed. They act more like real pets than any other pets I’ve seen so far!

Currently these cats are residing on the sim, taking over several areas and generally just lazy about. The sim was designed to look like Central Park (in New York City) and it’s relaxing park areas are gorgeous – perfect for pictures or relaxing.

One of the people behind the sim and KittyCatS is Callie Cline, who did all the artwork/textures for the cats. There are orange tabbies, gray tabbies, gray kittens, Siamese kittens and possibly more as I didn’t get to see them all.

You buy the kitties in these packages shown above: 1 boy or girl kitten with 1 week of food (L$ 298), a pair of kitties with 1 week of food (L$ 599), 2 pairs of kitties with food and milk for 2 weeks (L$ 1500) or 5 pairs of kitties with food and milk for 2 weeks (L$ 4500).

I didn’t want to give up this guy named Mittens that I got to cuddle while I previewed the sim, so I’ll jump at the chance to buy them when the store is open to the public later this week. I’m so excited  – there are tons of cute accessories for them, so I know this will be my new obsession! You can join the subscribe-o when the store opens, or the in world group “KittyCats Addicts”.

All About The Relay For Life Clothing Fair

This is it, the Relay For Life Clothing Fair officially starts today with a kick-off party at the Patch Thibaud auditorium at 1PM SLT.  The middle sim of the clothing fair will also be open for over flow (also the location of the general landing point). The fair’s other 8 sims open up at 3PM SLT for you to get your shopping on and drop those lovely Lindens on some drool-worthy items that benefit a great cause. The fair will run through to Sunday, March 21 when the sims will be shut down at 9PM SLT.

This year, 150 creators are participating, offering up 4 items each which will have all proceeds go to the RFL foundation. Due to the huge amount of lag expected, please remember to de-prim and de-script – you don’t have to go bald, just be considerate of others. You can also reduce lag with the settings on your viewer by reducing draw-distance, unchecking avatar imposters under avatar rendering in the custom area of the graphics tab in preferences, and turning off particles (you never know who might show up with one of those awful poofers).

I went through all the sims to collect direct tp points for you all and made a couple of notes on each.

New York:

The New York Public Library contains panels with useful/interesting info, and there is both realistic and fictional builds, for example: the Ghostbusters headquarters.


There’s a lovely park here in the center, and quiet sitting areas scattered around.


The center of this sim is reminiscent of Trafalgar Square in real life London, England.


The is a cute terace sitting area, a natural feel with tropical flora and fauna, it reminds me of an open-air mall.


The whole build is like a shopping piazza with marble flooring, very elegant and old world.

Rio de Janiero:

A hot weather, beachy sim, with straw palapas, bright colors and patterns. What a place to spend an hour shopping 🙂


Welcome to France! You’ll find the monumental Tour d’Eiffel (aka the Eiffel Tower) as well as classical sculptures.

New Delhi:

Take in the beauty of tiling, water fixtures, terra cotta builds, and mosaics.

I’ll be featuring some of the things I grabbed up in the coming days, as well as fill you in on the photo contest that’s going on.

Style: Blogged

I just wanted to let everyone know about an interesting blog piece that Annie Paster did over on her blog, Cupcake’s Cookies and Cream. She asked a whole slew of SL residents how they would describe their personal style and what style means to them. I was happy to be asked and included, and if you read the responses, there are some really thought-provoking ones.

Another post will follow from me some time today with the “Look Of The Day”, but go read that answer session over at Annie’s blog!

Until later my pretties…

Touché Polka Rug Chatter, Corrected

A few days ago there was some chatter about an item from the Touché box hunt that took place a week and a half ago or so.  Shay Savon, the designer in question, has been offline due to living in Galveston, TX and being hit by Hurricane Ike. I left her an offline message which she was able to respond to at work today via email. Anyway, the accusation was made that hunt item #6, a polka dot rug, contained a malicious script which wanted to take unauthorized money from the rug owner. She sent me a response to set the record straight as she can’t log in to either her blog or SL from work.

“There was a rug, Polka rug, for half a day it was available with a vendor script in it, and i was unaware, but as soon as it was pointed out, i replaced it, and put a blog up on the matter.  Anyone with any issues may drop me a notecard, and as soon as i have power, which may be a good couple weeks, hopefully not though, i will personally contact and fix all issues. They should know it is a simple vendor script. split profit, made to 0 percent split.  It will do no damage.  It will ask to grant permission to transfer funds.  However, all it will do is allow for my rug to be sold by the person holding it.  So really, they just gained a full perm rug with resale possibilities.  They may delete it and i will replace it upon my return to the game.”

So, that is the skinny on the polka rug and I will ask any further concern to be directed to Shay via notecard to be answered upon her return, which may not be for another week.