Neon Carrot – WTF?

Well, let’s be honest here…I pretty much don’t like any shade of orange, unless it’s in jewelry. So I dug around in my inventory for this week’s color challenge: neon carrot. Really Luna? Jeez, ok so here is my look, and of course since I’ve been around nearly 5 years now, many of these items aren’t available anymore. Still, here are the credits, you’ll probably be able to find similar items if there is anything you like.


Hair: lamb., Teased Up – Rotten Carrot (fatpack is a freebie)
Skin: LAQ, Maria – 01 [Fair] Glow Skin
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Rustic/S
Bikini: artilleri, sandy *orange* (old hunt item)
Necklace: Candy Nail, Orange Necklace (old gift)
Bracelet: Candy Nail, Orange Bracelet (old gift)
Nails: je suis…, naive::Nails:No.001 Oranges
Sandals: Cad & Tart, La Brea Sandals (no longer available)
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model458


I Do It Pretty, In Pink

Well pink is one of my favorite colors, always has been. I seem to have many pink items, but when you pile them up, the look isn’t as interesting anymore. So this week for the blogger’s challenge of 52 Weeks of Color, I decided to mix different shades of pink with a couple more neutral ones. I also broke out my new Bloom Doll avatar (head, shape and skin) from Surf Co. It’s so fun to just get silly with! That’s all from me for this week, Pinky Bloom over….and out!


Hair: elikatira, Horizon – Blonde 02 (tinted)
Head, skin, and shape: Surf Co., *Bloom Doll* (avatar)/Boo Bloom
Scarf: LeLutka, AVE gown/night_chest_folds (part of dress)
Sweater: Milk Motion, my short cardigan leopard pink
Shirt: Kyoot, He Loves Me Best Dress (part of)
Skirt: Milk Motion, My buttoned skirt
Tights: Casual Elegance, Lt Pink Tights (part of DARLA outfit)
Bangle: *YS & YS*, TheDeck Sharon Bangles (former hunt item)
Shoes: M Style, GOSHI Pumps – Pink Panther
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model423

I Really Love Olives

I really do love olives, almost every kind. Not so fond of those tasteless black kind that come in a can though. When you mention the color olive my mind automatically goes to the food, sorry! This is of course the color of the week for the 52 Weeks of Color blogger’s challenge. I’ve put my look together with things already in my inventory, turns out I had quite a few olive toned items. Who knew?

I’m also totally in love with this hair from LeLutka, if my hair was this fabulous in real life, I wouldn’t mind it being so curly.


Hair: LeLutka, RYKIEL hair – Sookie
Skin: LeLutka, Kit/HUSH-Makeup6
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Rustic
Scarf: Tee*fy, Season Hunt Winter Scarf (Ladies)_Olive (former hunt item)
Dress: Elate, Sam Olive
Bangle: je suis…, asymetrique::all colors::bangles (r)
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model424

Make It Tangerine

I can’t believe we’re half-way through the 52 Weeks of Color challenge! This is week 26 and the color is tangerine, which I admit, I am not really a fan of. Oranges in general just don’t get me excited. I used a few shades of orange here to make the look more interesting, and used a Moroccan style house as the background (I had just watched ANTM at the time…) Hope you like what I came up with!


Hair: lamb., Witch – Sunset
Skin: Curio, Shell [Light] Jasmine – Tangerine 2
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Rustic
Ruffle collar: tram, from Narcissus dress (former event item)
Dress: [studio m], Jasmine – Tangerine
Earrings: je suis…, tente::sunset::earrings
Bracelet: je suis…, tente::sunset::bracelet
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, Prestige Boots Orange Metallic
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow* Model436

I Thought Periwinkle Was Blue

I always thought periwinkle was a shade of blue, turns out it’s more purple than blue if look around at the other 52 Weeks of Color posts. Researching it, the internet says it’s a mix of blue and violet – so eff my life, I don’t know how to even search that in my inventory. Anyhow, I came up with a blue and purple look I guess…I tried! I might have failed.

Here’s a closer look at the detail on my divine sunglasses, they are new from je suis… and cost L$ 299. They come with 11 scripted metal detail colors, resizing and you can also remove the scripts if you like. Pretty cool huh? Yeah let’s forget that I totally stuffed up this week…


Hair: elikatira, Horizon – Blonde 02
Glasses: je suis…, divine sunglasses
Skin: Pink Fuel, Kumi <Milk> – Amethyst (frek) (PCF skin line preview)
Top tanktop: ~Styligion~, Stamp blue
Necklace: je suis…, la mer::necklace tribble (chest)
Bracelet: je suis…, la mer::bracelet (l)
Bottom tanktop: vive9, Single Tank CoolBlue
Shorts: Nait Smith Designs, Gaucho Pants (Seasons Hunt Item)
Socks: *BOOM*, Cuffed socks lt blue
Shoes: Baby Monkey, Candi Sneakers (wearing one Lilac and one Blue)
Shape: My own
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model500

Eggplant Is Quite Yummy

Eggplant is a color that closely associated with the vegetable it’s name comes from. I happen to like eggplant, and so this week’s color challenge wasn’t too challenging – thankfully! I’ve had most of these items for a bit now, but the hair is a pretty recent release from Simply Britnee, where you get all the colors for one low price! Sorry for the small amount of writing today, but not feeling terribly talkative.


Hair: Simply Britnee, Trina/Canas
Skin: Pink Fuel, Kumi <Milk> – Amythyst (preview of new line from PCF)
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Rustic
Prim lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Eyelash tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Sweater dress: L.Inc, Sweaterdress Eggplant
Tights: actchio, roselace tights in emerald green
Socks: LaViere, Basic Mid Calf Socks Eggplant (free)
Booties:, Journey.Boots (Duo.Eggplant) (former 50L Friday special color)
Shape: My own.
Pose: Croire, in awe

A Little White Sheep

This week I decided to pull out something rather cute for the blogger’s challenge of 52 Weeks of Color. White is a color I have tons of items in, but then you’ve probably seen so many white shirts, dresses and so on that it all starts to look the same. So, here I am in a cutesy avatar I picked up a couple of years ago from the Creators Stamp Rally 2009 (this year’s version, Choice!2011 will be coming up soon, so keep an eye open for that).  I feel so sweet and innocent in this, maybe I’ll keep it on for a while…


Full Avatar: **DP**YUMYUM, shy sheep/2009 choice (former event item)
Pose: {Just A Pose}, Simply Hippy – My Good Side

Sky Blue, And It’s A Beautiful Sky

It’s week 20 of the 52 Weeks of Color blogger’s challenge – and the color of choice is sky blue. I guess sky blue can be different for people depending on what part of the world you live in, what the weather is like, and blah, blah, blah. So here I used a couple shades of sky blue if you will, and was really happy with the end product.


Hair: elikatira, Fresh – Blonde 02
Skin: Pink Fuel, Elly <Honey> – Spotted Love
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Marina
Prim Eyelashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Eyelash Tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Jewelry: je suis…, douce::soft::set
Shirt and tie belt: Tiny Bird, The Morning After Dress – Slate
Leggings: Argyle Anonymous, Argyle Leggins Sky Blue
Purse: TokiDoki, shoulder bag – sky (former group gift)
Socks: *BOOM*, Cuffed Socks lt blue
Boots: Reek, Boston Boots
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model402

Umber…Well, It’s Brown

I’ve got a late entry into this week’s color for the blogger’s challenge of 52 Weeks Of Color…umber! It’s pretty much just like any shade of brown in my eyes, but I guess we all have our own names for things. I’ve had a bit of a headache with my photos, took forever and then I had a wardrobe malfunction, and then more pictures….well here it is.  A short post today, but check out the credits if you like what you see.



Hair: ploom, Shammy – V.I.P March Gift in store (group fee)
Skin: Pink Fuel, Kumi <Milk> – Amethyst (at PCF fair)
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Cocoa
Prim Eyelashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Eyelash tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Outfit: Jada Humby Couture, *Aaliyah* BROWN
Earrings: je suis…, tente::forest::earrings
Necklace: je suis…. tente::forest::necklace
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Prestige Brown Leather
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model417

(Don’t) Let It Snow

Hello all, it’s week 16 of the blogger’s challenge of 52 weeks of color and this week I’m aiming for teal. I think I pretty much got it – teal and aqua are a lot alike, and I happen to be a big fan of them both. So here’s a little look I put together as I wished for winter to finally be over. I used the cute snowflake pose prop from Olive Juice, it was a gatcha item, not sure if it’s still available though – but all the poses are so cute so check out the shop! My long t-shirt is an item from The Fashion Garret (a special sale shop) by GATO, it’s totally my style but people that get irritated by seams should note the back collar comes up higher than the seam for the front. Anyway, that’s my ramble for this week, hope you like it!


Hair: Truth, Seraphina – mahogany (flower turned off)
Skin: Curio, Shell Frex [Dark] Jasmine – Tangerine 1
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Cocoa/S
Prim lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Lash tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Top: GATO, 80s Maxi Tee (from The Fashion Garret)
Leggings: Tee*fy, Lacey Duotone Leggings Teal
Earrings: *LP* vs .::GARAGE::., Modern Earrings BLACK
Bangle: je suis…, domino::bangle (l)
Booties:, Dream.Booties (Teal)
Shape: My own.
Pose + snowflakes: Olive Juice, 5: Snowflakes in the Wind (gatcha item)