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I Am Pink Today

I Am Pink Today

I don’t think that’s in the “Colors ” song, but it should be if you ask me. Last night I did a little shopping, a little partying and a little nattering with my friends. I wore some of this outfit throught those activities and then logged in today to change it up a bit and let you have a gander. I’m still covering up a lot of the time, I guess my real life weather situation is affecting the seasonality of my SL™ wardrobe.

I love this pink coat I got from Aoharu and built the rest of the outfit around that really. I also adore my Zero Style CSR gift hair (side note: the CSR finishes up on the 18th – info here) and hadn’t really shown it off yet. I also rummaged around my inventory for some prim nails from Candy Nail, they have the best selection in prim nails and I don’t wear them nearly enough. These particular ones, Diagonal French Nails, are actually color change, you just click on the nails and they can be either pink, gold or silver.

I hadn’t done a post like this in about a month so I figured it would be a change of pace for this blog, hope you enjoy it!

What I’m Wearing:

Skin: MMS, Moscow Light (Gift Skin)

Eyes: Naughty Designs, Paris Brown 2

Lashes: Celestial Studios, Deviant Size 1

Hair: Zero Style, *CSR’s Hair 01* – Walnut Mist

Earrings: Eternity Brides, Ocean Shell in Silver (part of a set)

Coat: Aoharu, Sweet Dress Coat in Pink

Jeans: VG Republic, ‘Female Dollarbie Denim’ (temporarily closed I hear)

Nails: Candy Nail, Diagnonal French Nails – 3 color change

Tote: ETD, Everyday Tote in Black

Shoes: Boing Fromage, Mary Jane Flats (they’re color change too!)

What Do You Want In A Blog?

I’ve been wondering what kind of blog posts actual readers enjoy the most. Of course it comes down to what I feel comfortable blogging, but I’d appreciate any insight you may have for me.

Thanks everyone!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

Hi everyone!

With the holidays finally here, I think it’s time to send you all my best wishes for a happy, healthy (and maybe sane?) holiday season. Hopefully the coming new year will be better than 2008 for many people. I’ll continue to blog, but I’m also working on some other projects in SL and in RL so we’ll see how I can keep up with it all. Still, I plan to spend the next little while relaxing and enjoying everything I worked for this year.

Take it easy kiddos!

Ice-Skating Queen

Ice-Skating Queen

Last night some friends and I (and friends of friends) decided to do something we hadn’t done in the longest time…go ice skating! The outfit started with the warm sweater dress from Riddle which I hadn’t had a chance to wear yet. I then got my favorite winter accessories on, and they all seemed to be by Bax Coen! A great coincidence because the pieces have small sparkling lights which are color change to match any outfit. I also wore the Bax Coen skates, the sexiest skates on the grid, which work great with the legwarmers – which were my newest purchase since 50% of the sale at the Vanity Universe Winter Expo goes to charity (by the way, all the Bax Coen pieces shown today are also on sale there).

Ice-Skating Queen

A pale skin with fairly neutral makeup completed the look. I am of course wearing my favorite MMS skin line, London!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair/Hat and Gloves: Bax Coen, part of the Winter Wool Snow Set (a scarf is also included)

Skin: MMS, LondonPale-makeup3b

Eyes: MMS, Green Eyes (line is no longer out, but there are similar ones)

Lashes: Celestial Studios, Deviant Size 1

Earrings: OPIUM Everyday, Peridot Twist Earrings

Dress: Riddle, Skully Argyle in Juicy Pink (special event color, others available in store)

Legwarmers: Bax Coen, Wool Legwarmer Snow

Skates: Bax Coen, Bax Ice Skates

Straylight in Silks

Straylight in Silks

Once again I’m wandering around the grid hald-naked, but it’s for a good cause! I was busy taking pictures of the silks on sale at Eternity Silks by Singsong Writer. This set called Golden Star is normally L$ 495 but is on sale for a short time at L$ 100. I think it’s pretty obvious why it’s called Golden Star, each breast is adorned with a big, gold, star. Besides the separate stars for each breast there is also 2 arm bands with silk panels, a flower wrist cuff, a flower thigh bracelet, head jewels which are almost like a crown with silk panels hanging from the back, and then the hip silks. The thong I’m wearing underneath isn’t included.

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