What Does This Make You Think Of?

What Does This Make You Think Of?

When my friend ZCal Decosta told me he had made a Rorschach avatar, I was stumped. I had no idea what he could possibly mean by that…Rorschach like the ink blot test? So when I saw what he had come up with, I was actually pleasantly surprised. He sells all sorts of neat stuff at his store Human Bean Juice (HBJ) but this is something I had really never seen before. Inspired by the “Watchmen” graphic novel, it’s not only the shape, skin, and outfit, but the face comes with 3 inkblot masks that creepily change from one pattern to another (you click on it to choose from one of the 3 styles). The coat has the option of a flexi bottom or a sculpted one. As well you get a partial AO so you can walk around freaking people out in your fabulous new av. All this can be yours for the low, low, price of L$ 750.  This isn’t just a specialty av, you can totally use parts of it for your mix-and-match needs, which is always a good deal.

Honestly it felt a little strange to walk around in this when my normal, day to day, avatar is so different. But then, that’s probably why it is so great, because it is so unbelievably odd and unique.

(And a special thanks to my photog for the night, Shay Savon!)