Modavia Designer Wardrobe Giveaway!

Modavia Designer Wardrobe Giveaway!

I just heard about this and thought some of you might not know about it, so from the official press release:

“September 14, 2009 –  Modavia Fashion Marketing announced plans for the next Designer Wardrobe Giveaway to coincide with the Modavia Fashion Week event, September 10-17. The Giveaway is a regular monthly drawing that rewards one lucky subscriber to the Modavia Fashion Directory with a free designer wardrobe containing up to 45 couture outfits.

During the course of Fashion Week subscribers will be invited to visit Bryant Park, the venue for Modavia Fashion Week, and enter the drawing. Two winners will be announced immediately after the final show which will take place at 4pm on the 17th September. A total of 90 designs from 40 of the top couturiers in Second Life will be given away together with all the artwork contained in the last 2 editions of the Directory, that is, the 10th and 11th edition.

To avoid congestion on the sim winners will not be required to be present at the drawing but will be required to make themselves available for photographs within a week of the prize being awarded.  Anyone can enter the Giveaway drawing providing they are current subscribers to the Modavia Fashion Directory. This contest is not open to staff, models, clients, sponsors or suppliers of Modavia. There are kiosks for signup located at many fashion retailers throughout Second Life, at the Modavia Headquaters and at Bryant Park during Fashion Week.”

Here’s your ride to Bryant Park so you can check out the set up and enter the contest! And, FYI, there are still shows today, tomorrow and Thursday so make a note of the schedule while you’re there.

SL Chic Critique Turns 1 Month Old!

SL Chic Critique Turns 1 Month Old!

Well the title says most of it, but the SL Chic Critique turned 1 month old today! Yay!Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers and readers who have shown us tremendous support in our first month!

So to celebrate, Seattle Barbosa and I are offering a special advertising rate until Monday, September 14, 2009 to encourage some new advertisements. We’re offering 1 week for L$ 300, 1 month for L$ 900 or the best deal yet – 1 year for L$ 10000! That’s pretty much a steal! So if you’ve been thinking about it, now would be a great time to give us a shot.

Also, we’re always accepting new blogs, just fill out this easy form and you’ll be added shortly.

Thanks again everyone!

Wedding Season Isn’t Over Yet!

I love a good wedding, in real life or Second Life©, it really doesn’t matter. The whole excitement of the event is great, but I’m very traditional in a sense, that the bride’s dress is one of the things I most look forward to seeing (and you know, getting loaded on free champagne). I think it’s great that more and more designers are taking wedding attire seriously, and so I was over the moon to see the newest bridal collection from Eternity Brides by Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino, Singsong Writer and Covenant Laval.

Wedding Season Isn't Over Yet!

This year the Florence Bridal Collection is selling for L$ 1300 which is L$ 200 less than last year’s collection. It’s described by the designers as featuring, ” a delicate lace bodice with sheer see through panels, emblazoned with tiny rose petals. The luscious full skirt comes with a rich opaque silk, layered with a shimmering see through scalloped lace.” It also is versatile enough to use after the wedding…but you can also purchase a full wedding night lingerie set for L$ 395 if you rather go that way. Also, there is a demo of the wedding dress available for L$ 1 which is great because not all wedding dresses (or clothing in general) suits every avatar and a demo is great way to find out before you spend the big bucks. I wish more designers would offer clothing demos.

Wedding Season Isn't Over Yet!

By the way, there are also 2 special offers in the bridal store right now  – once again something special for L$ 100 and one for L$ 1! This cute dress ensemble could be worn in so many ways and for many occasions so for L$ 1oo it really is quite the steal.

Wedding Season Isn't Over Yet!

Speaking of steals, not only is L$ 1 an awesome price for anything, but this lingerie set is just as beautifully detailed as everything else in the store, so go on and pick it up!

All of the bridal items can be found upstairs, the staircase is at the rear of the mall, and the offers are in the main bridal gown room upstairs,  straight ahead, on the wall by the ”FLORENCE’ sign. I hope that helps avoid any confusion 🙂

Personal note: Lately my RL has been quite busy and my scheduling is all over the place. Because of this I want to stress that any items sent to me for review are appreciated, but I cannot guarantee I will have time to blog them. If you send along your own pictures, this makes Kalia a happy girl, as it saves me quite some time although I do inspect the items in world. Thanks for your understanding and my apologies.