Hanging Around In My Undies

It’s so freaking hot out that most days all I want to do is hang around in my undies. Unfortunately, I usually have a window open so letting the world see my frilly things isn’t really that appealing. At least in SL I can walk around in my bra and panties with only a minor amount of teasing from my friends and family.

Actually, my skin and undies are from a new store that I just heard about a couple days ago: iCandy by Violet Tryce. The Loryn YUMMY skin is currently free to the VIP Group members, so you’ll want to run over and grab that ASAP – it comes in 4 tones with various eyebrow and cleavage options. The undies are the Sex Kitten Bra -n- Undies which come in a variety of colors. The plunging shape of the undies give you more of an hourglass shape, this pretty much guarantees you’ll have people groveling at your feet when they see you in this set.

You might also notice my boots, these are one of the latest releases from Bax Coen Designs, the Vogue Leopard boots, which is basically a leopard print in 4 non-traditional color combinations. I might not really wear these with my underwear, but hey, together they give you a sexy, confident, feeling; and that’s always good in my book.


Hair: RAW HOUSE, Lauren – TSH (The Seasons Hunt item)
Skin: iCandy, LIMITED EDITION Loryn-Nougat-Lt Brow-YUMMY-CLV
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Cloud
Undies: iCandy, Sex Kitten Bra -n- Undies – Light Purple with White Hearts
Bangles: je suis…, grande::all color::bangles
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Prestige Boots Vogue Leopard
Shape: My shape.
Pose: Olive Juice, Long Hair 4


Nearly Exposing It All

I don’t usually show that much skin with my posts, but today I thought I’d break out of the norm and bare a little more today. My first picture shows the Sienna Gown by Seldom Blue which is being offered for L$ 300 as an introductory offer, which is 50% off. You get the bodysuit on all layers, the hip ruffle and open side-skirt as I’ve shown, but also a long flexi prim skirt.

This second outfit is also from Seldom Blue’s Sienna Gown line, but is a special dollarbie offer – that’s right, only L$ 1! You get the bodysuit on all layers and the hip ruffle. The black and silver make the bodysuit very versatile for mixing and matching. I found I didn’t need a lot of accessories because of the pattern so just simple earrings and my favorite Bax Coen Designs’ BAX Ankle Boots in the new metallic silver color complete the looks!

Credits For Pic #1:

Hair: elikatira, Alright – Blonde 02
Skin: Exodi, Sylvan Vivante – 17 (Lt) (50L Friday Special)
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Cocoa
Prim lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Eyelash tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Earrings: MOOD, Athshe Earrings – Silver
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Ankle Boots Metallic Silver
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model430

Credits For Pic #2:

Hair: elikatira, Alright – Blonde 02
Skin: Exodi, Sylvan Vivante – 17 (lt) (50L Friday Special)
Eyes: LeLutka, Ellis-Cocoa
Prim lashes: LeLutka, 2011 lashes/curl
Eyelash tattoo: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Earrings: MOOD, Athshe Earrings – Silver
Bodysuit: Seldom Blue, SIENNA GOWN – DOLLARBIE
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Ankle Boots Metallic Silver
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model430

Romana Dollarbie by Seldom Blue

Seldom Blue is a brand that is now quite established in Second Life©. They recently opened up a new satellite store at Oceane Island and for the occasion decide to put out this lingerie set called Romana for L$ 1. The set consists of the bra top (with and without arm bands, and undies on all layers as well as the prim arm ruffles and the flouncy train on the back. All the pearl details on the set are hand-drawn and you can tell that it took a lot of effort, making this dollarbie especially generous. This is a permanent special item for the new location, so make sure to check it out!

By the way, when you arrive at the landing point, you will be outside Oceane’s main-store, just go to the right hand side of the steps, and there at the bottom you should find Seldom Blue.


Hair: [69], IVAN 02 – Dark Mocha (fatpack free for group members)
Skin: LAQ, Mima 02 [Peach] Glow Skin
Eyes: Ibanez, SmoothGlow Eyes – Pastoral
Eyelashes: Iris’ Eyelash Tattoo
Lingerie: Seldom Blue, Romana Lingerie
Earrings: *By Kay*, ~Lady Peacock~ Earring (part of set, but store now closed)
Shoes: Kalnins, Flirt
Shape: My own.
Pose: *EverGlow*, Model184

A Seasonally Appropriate Wedding

With just about a week and a half until Halloween, I thought I better start getting in the mood with this post even though the traditional sentiment behind a wedding is very far from that of Halloween. At least, in most cases…I’ve heard of people getting married in cemeteries before so I thought it would be very seasonally appropriate to have a spookier setting (no offense to the dearly departed is intended).

A Seasonally Appropriate Wedding

I’m wearing the latest wedding dress called the Kira Bridal Gown from Eternity Brides by Seldom Blue which is being released to celebrate the opening of the new mini-store on the Eostara sim. The all over pattern reminds me of snowflakes or perhaps the North Star. With winter right around the corner, either is appropriate really; especially with the color of the detailing and the flouncy, romantic, style. For the price of L$ 1300 you get the top on all layers, glitch pants, system skirt, optional underwear style (for after the wedding, rawr!), prim skirt, optional prim train and prim veil. I should note that the veil attaches to the nose which is the most common attachment point for eyelashes, so you may need to edit one or the other if you intended to wear both. Worried about the price? Fear not! All Eternity Brides gowns have demos in the store so you know what you’re getting before making that very important purchase.

A Seasonally Appropriate Wedding

As always, there are a few special deals going on at this location as well (not the mainstore). The first is the Kira Bridal Lingerie set which differs from the one that transforms from the gown. The bra and panties can be worn alone, or with several versions of prim attachments for only L$ 100 and the stockings are included.

A Seasonally Appropriate Wedding

For all you bargain hunters, there is also a special dollarbie out – the Kira Tutu Dress. For L$ 1 you get the dress with it’s prim attachments in a sweet pink-purple with black and white accents. Maybe this will be the dress that leads you to finding Mr. Right?

If either of these special offers interests you, you better teleport over to the store as soon as possible as both are out for a limited time only – the Bridal Lingerie will be going up to full price shortly!

Credits: (for my photo)

Hair: Novocaine Hair, Antionette – mocha
Skin: [the oBscene], Group Gift Xena/Brown brows
Dress and veil: Eternity Brides by Seldom Blue, Kira Bridal Gown
Earrings: Muse, Celestine Diamond Frost Earrings
Necklace: Muse, The Dauphine Necklace (silver/frost)
Shape: My own.
Pose: *Luth* movement 8 (now Reel Expression)

Picture taken at: Transylvania’s Cemetary

Wedding Season Isn’t Over Yet!

I love a good wedding, in real life or Second Life©, it really doesn’t matter. The whole excitement of the event is great, but I’m very traditional in a sense, that the bride’s dress is one of the things I most look forward to seeing (and you know, getting loaded on free champagne). I think it’s great that more and more designers are taking wedding attire seriously, and so I was over the moon to see the newest bridal collection from Eternity Brides by Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino, Singsong Writer and Covenant Laval.

Wedding Season Isn't Over Yet!

This year the Florence Bridal Collection is selling for L$ 1300 which is L$ 200 less than last year’s collection. It’s described by the designers as featuring, ” a delicate lace bodice with sheer see through panels, emblazoned with tiny rose petals. The luscious full skirt comes with a rich opaque silk, layered with a shimmering see through scalloped lace.” It also is versatile enough to use after the wedding…but you can also purchase a full wedding night lingerie set for L$ 395 if you rather go that way. Also, there is a demo of the wedding dress available for L$ 1 which is great because not all wedding dresses (or clothing in general) suits every avatar and a demo is great way to find out before you spend the big bucks. I wish more designers would offer clothing demos.

Wedding Season Isn't Over Yet!

By the way, there are also 2 special offers in the bridal store right now  – once again something special for L$ 100 and one for L$ 1! This cute dress ensemble could be worn in so many ways and for many occasions so for L$ 1oo it really is quite the steal.

Wedding Season Isn't Over Yet!

Speaking of steals, not only is L$ 1 an awesome price for anything, but this lingerie set is just as beautifully detailed as everything else in the store, so go on and pick it up!

All of the bridal items can be found upstairs, the staircase is at the rear of the mall, and the offers are in the main bridal gown room upstairs,  straight ahead, on the wall by the ”FLORENCE’ sign. I hope that helps avoid any confusion 🙂

Personal note: Lately my RL has been quite busy and my scheduling is all over the place. Because of this I want to stress that any items sent to me for review are appreciated, but I cannot guarantee I will have time to blog them. If you send along your own pictures, this makes Kalia a happy girl, as it saves me quite some time although I do inspect the items in world. Thanks for your understanding and my apologies.

Latex Lucy

Latex Lucy

I’ve gotten a number of items from Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino. This is the first time I took a look at their new latex outfit called “Latex Lucy” even though there is a special freebie version that I had skimmed across reading some other fashion blogs.  Appropriate for the occasion, I also took a field trip to somewhere new for the photos – The Castle of Dark Desires. Now admittedly, there was a lot to see there, but seeing how I was just there to take a couple of pictures I snapped and then ran home to write this up for you.

The first picture has pieces in the metallic blush color from the fatpack. In the fat pack there is the corset top, the bra top, shorts, and thong on all layers and in both opaque and sheer (opaque is worn by me). There is a short and long skirt option (although you should wear the short one with the long one for the best effect) and a pair of opaque pants on both underpants and pants layers. If I counted right, that’s 22 items as well as the prim skirts. Metallic blush was my favorite color but you can also use latex to mix with fashion items to create a unique look, so I also asked to see the set in charcoal.

Latex Lucy

With a little less shine on the charcoal pieces, you could use the tops for layering with jackets or camisoles. The short skirt could be paired with a sparkly top and used for clubbing or something like that. Here I presented the set in a more traditional way for latex to be used but there certainly are options. Each fatpack comes with all the pieces I mentioned for L$ 1695. You might also want to check in for the outfit that was on special to try out some limited options before dropping the big bucks.

Poses used: [LAP] – Joan and Fierce

(PS: My connection was janky today, but I wanted to get the word out on this outfit.)

Mi Amore Lingerie Show

Mi Amore Lingerie Show

From the press release: “Focus Fashion Agency is thrilled to celebrate the coming of Valentine’s Day with an amazing lingerie review including, Blacklace, Angel Dessous, and Alphamale.   The event will take place on Tuesday, January 10, 2009 at 12pm SLT.  Join us as we celebrate with  the most amazing lingerie designers in Second Life. Come celebrate the naughty and nice side of lingerie in this sizzling show!”

Grab a ride to the show here.

A Bit Blue…

A Bit Blue...

I received notice that the ladies over at Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue have opened up their own mall and it is ready for the public! To celebrate this big opening, they have several specially priced items in the stores for the moment. IndigoBlue Dagostino offers up the dress you see above, called Gabriella. It is a halter-style dress with a prim-fishtail, and carpi-style glitch pants. It comes on all layers, which is great to mix and match, and it is currently free!

A Bit Blue...

Her partner, Singsong Writer of Eternity Silks, has a set of 5 silks, called Innocence on sale for L$ 100 for a limited time. In the box you get, black (shown), pink (previously blogged here), gold, red and white. Normally these would be L$ 1499 so that’s a great deal! These are all prim, so the undies I’m wearing are only to cover up for the feeds.

I hear there are bunch of other special offers going on so you’ll want to run over before those ladies change their minds!

Special Deals at Seldom Blue

Starlight Lingerie

A familiar store around these parts is Seldom Blue by IndigoBlue Dagostino. Partially know for it’s generous offers and specials, Seldom Blue offers up a host of styles catering to many tastes. Currently there is a special running in the store on two Winter Starlight lingerie sets with multiple pieces in each going for L$ 20 free! The first is the black version which you could wear any time of year.

Special Deals at Seldom Blue

The second set is a special Xmas colored one. Both sets come with multiple layers for the bra, stocking tops and thong. If you layer the tops then it won’t be so sheer. I find the little red bow details on both sets to be really adorable, but that doesn’t mean a woman couldn’t do some serious damage in these.

The Starlight Lingerie sets are copy/mod/no transfer so if you’d like to send them as a gift to your someone special, I suppose you can contact IndigoBlue in-world and ask her very nicely to organize that for you.