A Bit Blue…

A Bit Blue...

I received notice that the ladies over at Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue have opened up their own mall and it is ready for the public! To celebrate this big opening, they have several specially priced items in the stores for the moment. IndigoBlue Dagostino offers up the dress you see above, called Gabriella. It is a halter-style dress with a prim-fishtail, and carpi-style glitch pants. It comes on all layers, which is great to mix and match, and it is currently free!

A Bit Blue...

Her partner, Singsong Writer of Eternity Silks, has a set of 5 silks, called Innocence on sale for L$ 100 for a limited time. In the box you get, black (shown), pink (previously blogged here), gold, red and white. Normally these would be L$ 1499 so that’s a great deal! These are all prim, so the undies I’m wearing are only to cover up for the feeds.

I hear there are bunch of other special offers going on so you’ll want to run over before those ladies change their minds!

Skinthesis Grand Opening

Skinthesis Grand Opening skinsss_005 skinsss_006

Yesterday, I received some sample skins from a new skin store called Skinthesis by Can Sutter. “Skinthesis is is a hot new skin and shape store that specializes in hybrid hand-painted, photosourced skins to cover every fashionista’s wardrobe need! We’re so excited to launch our first line of female skins – Mindi – in 6 beautiful tones that range in shades from vampire to Africa Amercan,  and a variety of makeups!” I took a look at the Mindi line, and they really come with a variety of interesting and fun make-up choices. So I put them on in my usual skin demo-ing attire, underwear, and went to town inspecting them from head to toe.

From left to right I’m wearing: Tan – Moderne, Dark – Berry Me and Pale – Vixen.

Dark is the darkest tone, Tan is somewhere in the middle and Pale is the second lightest. The very lightest could be described as “vampire white”. It was too close to the background white.

Moving from the face to the torsoe I noticed some strange shading, so off came the bra to get a better look. I covered up a little in editing for modesty’s sake.

Skinthesis Grand Opening

You can see that there is very heavy shading under the breasts, way too heavy for my tastes, but my breasts are generally covered and I barely noticed it with my top on. Under the breasts there was another issue for me, the ribcage being highlighted in such a way. It jumps out at you even more with the darker skins. I also feel the collar bone is a little dark but is something I can live with.

I’ll put the full-body pics in thumbnails so you can take a look at everything if you wish. I think there’s a bit of a seam issue or something on the back – not sure about what is going on there since I don’t make skins myself.

Skinthesis Grand Opening Skinthesis Grand Opening

I think, overall, it is a solid effort for a first line of skins. It’s not easy to do at all. Skinthesis also offers a number of female shapes, but I like to see how a skin looks on the shape I wear everyday – perhaps with a slight modification for the mouth. Good news, I didn’t have to change my shape at all to like the way the face looked on me.

Price breakdown is as follows:

Demos = Free
Shapes = 399L
Skin Singles = 999L
6-pack = 1600L
8-pk (mix & match orders) = 2000L
15-pack = 3000L

Also for the grand opening, Skinthesis is offering a special Valentines skin in the lucky chair, all 6 tones of skins will be in there, so you might win yourself the whole lot! They will only be available until February 21, 2009. Also currently in store is an 80’s inspried line called “Totally 80’s” with very pink make-up, it reminds me of the 80’s cartoon character “Jem” whom I love.

I suppose what I’m saying here is, as like with any product there are positives and negatives. An avatar who is fully dressed majority of the time would not even notice the things I did. The makeup offeres great variety and is reason enough to try the demo yourself. However this is a first line and there is definitely room for improvement. I think a lighter hand with the highlighting and shading would really benefit this skin and help propell it into competing with the biggest names.



PRESS RELEASE:  EFA-AIFW2009, Then, Now, Coming Soon!

At 11.00 AM SLT on the 26th of January 2009, the Ewing Fashion Agency will once again be joining forces with the Amsterdam-based real-world talent managers, The Artist Advice for another Second Life/Real World simultaneous fashion event. During the live fashion show at Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam – The Netherlands), the Ewing Fashion Agency will host the Second Life version of the show at its Ischia sim location (your ride is here), where EGG Development will reproduce the venue of the show, The Beurs van Berlage. Building on the success of last years First Fusion show, this year each event will be viewable to the other as they occur. The Real World creations of Real World designers Jennifer Delano, Melanie Brown and Eleonore de Ruuk are being recreated for the Second Life production by a talented lineup of Second Life designers: Digit Darkes, Neferia Abel, Sascha Frangilli, Sysy Chapman and Zaara Kohime. In acknowledgement of significance of these innovative collaborations, Runway Magazine and DX Exchange have signed on as corporate sponsors for the event. Beside the fashion show, also the DJ will be presented in both world, Damien. S will be on stage in the Beurs van Berlage and at Ischia during the show.


9.30 AM SLT: Live broadcasting of the RL-fashion show of Eleonore de Ruuk and Melanie Brown

10.30 AM SLT: Simultaneous RL-SL fashion show, EFA-AIFW2009 Now, Then, Soon (featuring SL-designers Neferia Abel, Zaara Kohime, Sysy Chapman, Sascha Frangilli and Digit Darkes)

11.15 AM SLT: Meet the designers and models, simultaneous RL-SL talkshow (has to be confirmed)

Music will be provided by DJ Damien.S during the event.

Your host for this show will be Tiffany Dragonash, dressed by Orage Creations

Event sponsors
RUNWAY Magazine
DX Exchange

Building sponsor: EGG Development

Broadcasting sponsor: Engage!

Wall sponsors
Seldom Blue Fashion
Angel Dessous


Goodybags from the sponsors will be posted in the Ewing VIP-guest group after the event.

All information about the event can be found at the EFA blog: http://ewingfashionagency.wordpress.com/category/efa-aifw2009/

All Buttoned Up

All Buttoned Up

I wasn’t feeling my most creative with the titles today, but this will have to do. A couple of days ago, I got a fashcon notice about the new jackets from Bryce Designs by Bryce Tully. I had known that Bryce designed hair but had no idea that there was clothing involved. So yesterday I ran over to see the new Caily Jacket. It comes in five colors: Pepper (shown above), Cinnamon (second picture), Sage (third picture), Chocolate and Grape.

All Buttoned Up

The jackets are sold as singles for L$ 150 each, or in the greedy pack with all five colors for only L$ 350. With that bargain I knew it would have to be the greedy pack. Each jacket comes on the “shirt” and “jacket” layers, as well the prim cuffs, hood, buttons, and the bottom of the jacket. What’s interesting is that there is two attach points for the bottom prim, either pelvis or spine.

All Buttoned Up

The jackets took me a couple of minutes to fit to my frame but it was a matter of simple positioning and resizing. I really liked the amount of options and ways to wear this jacket, and it makes it more convenient for the fashionista who likes to accessorize. Plus you know I’m sold for anything I know I can mix into some kawaii goodness and I’m thinking I’m going to be able to use these jackets in a whole bunch of looks.

Spork With An Edge

Spork With An Edge

Yesterday I posted about the fashion show for Spork by GM Nikolaidis (taking place at 3 PM SLT today – so grab a ride through that post). And today I am showing off a couple items that I adored when I saw them in store. We have here the Victoria top in the silver/red combo and the black Nova Jeans. I guessed that the top and jeans would work well together and by adding some accessories I’m really pleased with how the look turned out.  I’m also wearing the Silver Bangles by Spork on my right arm.

The Nova Jeans come in black only and are L$ 250. There are 2 prim parts per leg that give them that bunched up look that I’m really feeling these days. They have a sort of paisley pattern to them which makes them visually more interesting than a plain black pair would be. The Victoria top comes in 6 color variations, each one is L$ 90. The bodice of the top has a pattern that sort of mimics the pattern on the jeans which is originally why I wanted to pair them together. The Silver Bangles come with options for both arms and are L$ 75. I wear a lot of bangles so I’m consistently buying new ones. There are other bangle styles there that are really cute and I’ll probably pick up later. For you freebie hunters, there’s a bag with 3 items in it, sitting in the entrance area of the store.

I decided that I liked this outfit so much that I’ll probably be wearing it the rest of the day while I zoom around, and maybe I’ll even see you at the show later on!

Soaring with Gryphon Wings

Soaring with Gryphon Wings

I occasionally have items given to me for review, and today I logged in to find a package from Gryphon Wings by GryphElyse Wingtips. There was an assortment of items, but I felt like keeping it simple today so I settled upon two items the Goddess Halter Top and the Black Silk Pants. I immediately loved this top and it’s simple but not like every other halter or tank top out there, it has personality. The black and white versions of this top are sold separately with various other colors being sold in packs of 3. In all cases, every color somes in short “shirt” layer and a longer “jacket” layer. The black and white versions are L$ 1oo, with the packs of 3 going for L$ 245.

Soaring with Gryphon Wings

The Black Silk Pants are another simple piece but I like how they work together with the top. These are packaged together with a white version and there is both regular and low-rise versions of both. This means you get 4 pairs of pants for L$ 145. As a woman I prefer the low rise but both are unisex really. The store itself sells clothing as well as hair and skins so there is plenty for people to choose from. These items aren’t new releases but I think with more new residents logging in every day we should take a look at both new and established designs, so here is my contribution 🙂

Spork Debut Show

Spork Debut Show

Following up on my last post, there is another fashion show for you to attend tomorrow, Saturday, January 24 at 3:00 PM SLT – the Spork debut show! It will feature the designs of Spork by GM Nikolaidis, with shoes provided by [LeeZu!] and *Courtisane* (which I haven’t seen yet so that will be a treat). The show is presented by Butterfly Modeling Agency and will take place at Black Sand Beach. Remember to write this date and time down, and then grab a limo here.

It’s Taboo

Focus Fashion Agency presents Taboo Show – tattoos and piercings on the runway!

It's Taboo

Focus Fashion Agency is excited to present a runway show exclusively featuring tattoos and body piercings. The event will take place at Focus Sky Runway on Saturday, January 24, 2009 at 12:30pm. Join us as we celebrate the edgier side of SL runways with the amazing tattoos by Natasha Leckrone and Tatt Dagger of Tat’Tash Ink and sneak peeks from eLDee and Glowing Gems.
You won’t want to miss this one! Join us as we start the New Year with a thrill!