A Cream-Colored Wedding

It’s summer, and that can only mean one thing…wedding season! I’ve had a few friends and family get married already with a couple more on the way. I’m sure they are not the only ones and that there are future brides-to-be who are still looking for their perfect dress. I might have found the perfect one for the perfect price…

This is the Isabella wedding gown in cream from Seldom Blue by Indigoblue Dagostino. The dress comes with 2 layers of skirt, opaque and cream lace, as well as the top on all layers, glitch pants, a tiara, the veil and a pair of pearl and gold flower earrings. All you would need to buy is a pair of shoes and you’d be all set for your summer wedding. I mentioned that this was a great price, so you must be wondering how much it is. The whole shabang is only L$ 20!

I think I hear a bunch of feet running towards the store now…

New Sunday Releases

Another Sunday is here, and there are new releases from Kunglers Design once again! This time there is a retro-style dress and some sexy lingerie for your viewing pleasure.

Starting off with the dress, this gold-patterned darling is called Floratta. The cut-out of the bodice allows for some revealing skin, without being over the top. The length of the skirt also lends itself to being demure instead of trashy. The stockings and gold hoop earrings are included in the outfit. You should be able to acquire your very own soon.

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Darklands Skins from Crimson Shadow

Crimson Shadow by Tox1c Chemistry commissioned some skins from Draconic Lioncourt, and was kind enough to let me have a peek at the Tone 03 collection. The palest skins are only a touch darker than pure white, so if you are very much into the gothic look, fear not! I have a sample of the makeup available here, which are available on all the tones.

They all have pretty names, such as (L to R, top to bottom): Glamour Goth, Wild, Pink, Bloody Mary.

And here are some details of the body, after the cut…

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A Hair Fair Contest!

The 2008 Hair Fair will be holding a flickr contest starting tomorrow and ending August 15 at midnight SLT.

Here are the basics:

The Rules
1. Be creative, but remember- we’re looking for pictures that focus on the HAIR.
2. Feel free to enhance your shot in your photo editing program of choice, but don’t add text or borders.
3. Keep your photos at 512 pixels by 512 pixels square.
4. Photos may only be entered once, and only the person entering the photo is eligible to win. The same photo may not be entered by more than one person.
5. Entrants are limited to 10 entries to the pool total.
6. In the description of each photo you enter, please include:
Your Second Life avatar name:
Hair Style Name and Store:
A description of why you love this hair/designer.
7. All photos must be entered by Midnight SLT on August 15th.

8. Winners will be announced at the Hair Fair.

You do not have to show hair that is made only be designers in hair fair this year.  It could be past designers that have left Second Life, or designers just starting out, or even hair you or a friend made.

Prizes will be announced at a later date, but its not about about the prize, now is it?

The pool address: http://www.flickr.com/groups/hairfair2008/pool/

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Laynie Link, either in-world with an IM or at laynielink@gmail.com.

Request: Visual Kei

I am looking for places that specialize in the visual kei style or are influenced by it – specifically for guys, but girls stuff is great too. I did some searching myself but I didn’t turn up with want I want, for reference here are a couple of pictures of things:

And hey, if you know any visual kei boys in-world, that would be awesome too  – hook a girl up!

Kungler’s New Releases

Wow already two new outfits from Kungler’s! After the fashion show yesterday, I can only assume that they are many of you who are wondering what is coming out next. These just came out today, so have an early look:

This is called Luminna and is a great alternative to the little black dress, try the little silver dress instead! The retro print waistband and collar, along with the deco earrings make this more than just the standard party dress. I love the shading and highlights on the dress, it gives the texture real depth. Luminna can be yours for only L$ 249.

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Press Release: 2008 Footwear Expo


The inaugural SL Footwear Expo is specifically designed to showcase the many amazing shoe designers around the grid and to raise money for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

The event will run from July 12th through July 27th, 2008. 65 Shoe designers from across the grid will be showcasing their creations (some with new items introduced at the expo!) and helping to sponsor and support the benefit. In addition there will be a fashion show, musical entertainment, a photography contest and exhibit, a huge raffle, and a massive blow-out party at the end of the Expo.

Dates to Know:

6/23        Flickr contest open for submissions (for info visit site)
7/12        9:00am          Fair Expo opens to the public
7/19       12:00pm        Fashion Showcase featuring Metro Models and Hathor Models
7/27         3-5:00pm     Grand Finale Party
7/27         9:00pm         Fair Closes

(all times in SLT)

Questions should be directed to Phoenix Chapman, Coordinator

Second Life® and SL® are both registered trademarks of Linden Lab® and no infringement is intended.

A Look At Serene Sensations

The last time I reviewed items from Serene Sensations by Soraya Blachere was quite some time ago. So I took the opportunity to look at two recent outfits to see what progress has been made.

The first outfit I am wearing is called La Juji Pourpre. It’s a mess of feathers in white, purple and black, with a black and purple bodice. There is a flexi arm tie for your right arm, as well as gloves, stockings and the feathery collar/chest piece. You can wear the skirt short or long (it looked best layered to me). All this can be yours for L$ 580.

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Kunglers Impresses

Today I heard about Kunglers Couture, by AvaGardner Kungler and Barbra Kungler, for the first time. This is the first dress I saw, called Paris, and it immediately impressed me with it’s pattern, cut, and embellishments. It is as sophisticated as the city it is named after. I can see it being useful for a variety of special occasions. The whole outfit is L$ 449, and you can definitely mix and match with pieces of it.

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I just had an incident with Leaf Paule, where this user came into Minnu and copied my avatar, as well as my profile (shown in screenshot). Name and shame, is my motto. So here you go, another person all shop owners, and sim owners, can ban.

So in case anyone sees this person around, they are not, and will never be, me.